Wolf Hybrid


A spell made for myself. It might not work for you. Since it’s for me, I wrote that the colors as I want them. Change these to your own if you are using this.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Salt Shell Sage Feather (real) Bathtub filled with water Spell written on a paper A sweet

Casting Instructions for ‘Wolf Hybrid’

Draw a pentagram on a paper. Wolf in the middle. Then, in each point of the star, write one of these words: Avian / Mermaid / Anthro / Dragon / Human. Write underneath it: I shall painlessly transform into any of these things mixed with any of these other things.
Fill the bath with hot water. Pour salt and blend it in. Get into the bath and put the paper and the sweet where you can reach them but they won’t fall into the water. Now touch the wolf section on the paper and say:
I will shift into a wolf. My wolf form will have grey and dark grey guard hairs over the majority of the body, with brown fur underneath it, fading into cream with an off-white underbelly, under-tail, torso, front of neck, chin and cheeks. I can change into my wolf or human form in seconds, while any other forms or combinations of forms will take a couple of minutes.
Touch the avian segment and say: I will shift into an avian human. My wings will be able to encourage me perfectly. My wings will be a dark cobalt blue, almost black, with a tinge of purple. I am able to grow wings in my wolf form, on which they’ll be dark grey.
Touch the mermaid section and say: I shall shift to a mermaid. My tail will be a dark pastel bluish-purple. I can develop a mermaid tail in my wolf form, on which it will be black and replace my wolf tail, not my back legs.
Touch the anthro segment and say: I will change to an anthropomorphic version of some of my forms.
Touch the dragon segment and say: I shall shift to a dragon. I shall control the elements of water and ice and my scales are going to be a deep blue. I can grow dragon horns, horns or spikes in my wolf form, as well as manifest my elements if I have grown my dragon attributes.
Touch the individual section and say: This is my base form, a human. In it I shall gain superhuman strength, flexibility, speed, agility, and endurance, as well as heightened senses. All my forms will have individual taste and color vision, in addition to a human mind and complete control.
Now say this spell:
Water, wind, earth and fire,
Bring to me my greatest desire.
A wolf shapeshifter I will be,
And I can change so easily.
My other kinds take quite some time,
But I can combine any, and they are all mine.
I can grow a mermaid tail,
I can be an anthro without fail,
A dragon form is there too,
And I will change back to my human form accurate.
Mote it be and blessed be.
Now take the pentagram paper and fold it up, then say mote it be and eliminate it after the spell. Eat the candy, and soak in the tub while focusing on the spell until you feel the energy in you.

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