A summary of wish magick as an example of how to use it.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Athame Candle

Casting Directions for ‘Wish-Magick’

Background Information
With the exception of love-magick, wish-magick is perhaps the most popular form of white magick practiced in modern times. It is relatively easy to do, and may be as simple as wishing on a star, breaking a wishbone, or dropping a coin into a fountain or wishing well.
Many magically minded folks firmly believe in the power of this seven-knob candle (or wish-candle as it may be called) to make wishes come true. It is a magickal tool particularly popular among practitioners of hoodoo folk magick in the southern regions of the United States.

Seven knob candles are easily obtainable in most occult supply shops and can be found in many different colors. When used properly, they can work powerful magick, but be careful what you wish for, as the old saying goes, because you just might get it.

To Perform Wish Magick
Pick your athame up with your right hand. Place the flat side of the blade on top of the candle and then envision magickal energy as a white light flowing from your body through the athame and to the candle. When you begin to actually feel the energy flowing state; I charge thee now, with magickal power.In the divine title of the Goddess.
Charge the candle for at least five minutes, then return the athame into the altar, and then light the top knob of the desire candle, Say the following incantation seven times; Seven magick knobts of blue. Make this desire of mine come true.As the candle burns, concentrate upon the thing you would like and visualize yourself already in possession of it. Extinguish the candle after the first knob has burnt down, and then repeat the entire spell for the next six nights in a row, burning only 1 knob of the candle every time.

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