Wishing Ritual 1


The first part of a long process of having the ability to make wishes at will.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Sugar, preferably raw sugar (but elegant can be used) Allspice Salt Milk Sugar Water Cinnamon Dandelion Apple Cup, bowl or jug

Casting Instructions for ‘Wishing Ritual 1’

Consider your fantasies and what you may do with them. Remove any ideas for bad wishes from your mind. Wishes should be directly good, or just plain harmless. If it will directly do damage to others and you know it, do not do it. Try to balance selfish wishes and fantasies for the good of others.

When you’re ready to perform this ritual, mix together sugar, allspice, salt and cinnamon. Stir together milk, water, along with the spice mixture, then wash and mash together into a paste the leaves and roots of a dandelion. Add the dandelion paste to the water mixture and stir well. Put into it one peeled wedge of apple. Go out to a quiet area. A backyard must suffice, or you might visit a quiet park or woods. Write the below spell on a sheet of paper if you must, in order to remember it. Try not to use a telephone for this.

Speak over it:

Make mine fantasies come to pass
Thy power heavenly and great
And as I stare inside the looking-glass
I see what is rightfully mine.
I shall not cause death or sorrow
With the power I obtain

And if my wishes tomorrow came
I would not want anyone pain
The wish Won’t backfire on me
It will come true how I visualize
And if I have wishes true to be

All will be in my eyes
I want to be able to bring to life
Anything that I desire
Give me infinite wishes, rife
With the forces of water, earth, wind and fire.
So mote it be!

Eat the apple wedge, take a sip of the potion, and pour the remainder into dirt or the grass. The deed is done. If you didn’t memorize the spell and you wrote it on paper, then bury it in which you poured the water, or rip it to bits and throw it to the four winds.

Walk away without looking back. Each day, at least once (try before bed) chant this verse/mantra a few times while thinking hard about how you will use your wishes. Da mihi arridere velim p deaeque. Keep chanting the mantra. If you miss a day, it needs to be fine, just chant more the next day. Muttering it to yourself during the day is good.

On the next full moon, go outside to where you performed the first ritual. Stand in the grass and maintain a cup, jug, or bowl, including a combination of water, sugar, and milk, high above your head. Chant the mantra three times three, then say: (Use a piece of paper to record it if you forget. Tape it to the cup/bowl/jug.)

Moon, moon! Fire, Earth, Water and Wind!The power to desire will come to me from the upcoming full moon.But I don’t just require power in order to wish.I have to awaken my wishes, sealed within my soul,Where my boundless wishes will break and wait for me to awaken them.Guide me to these wishes, so when the wishes come.Or once they come, I will be able to want and use this power to its full potential.I won’t use it for evil, I will not kill or harm.And if I need to, it will be followed by many fantasies of good.My wishes won’t backfire and will come true the way I see it in my mind.So mote it be!

Now pour the liquid and look at the moon as you do. Mutter the headline yet another time, then place down the cup/bowl/jug and walk away. (You can return for it in the morning. Continue chanting the mantra in regards to mind, but you can do it whenever. Rest assured that your wishes will arrive at the next full moon; you’ll simply need to figure out how to wake them.

Part 2 coming soon.

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