Horoscopes for Monday, April 02, 2018


Is Today Your Birthday?

Is time running out? Do you have to act right now? Your birthday chart indicates you may think that is the case but it isn’t. The fact is you have all the time in the world, so relax and take each day as it comes. Enjoy life, don’t rush it.


You may not want to move with the times but the planets indicate you have no choice in the matter. Instead of trying to fight the future why not find ways to make it your friend? Don’t let your fear of change stop you from acting decisively.


You seem to have got it into your head that a friend can no longer be trusted, but what is your evidence for that assumption? Most likely the facts have not changed in the slightest – you have just become a lot more suspicious. Get over it.


Speak your mind fearlessly today. Stir things up both at home and at work and don’t worry in the slightest how many people get upset by it. You cannot keep your mouth shut when there are so many injustices going on in the world around you.


You will be the center of attention over the next 24 hours and it may not be an entirely comfortable experience. It’s good to be popular but may not be quite so good when there are things you would rather not have the spotlight shining on!


What happens next will shake things up a bit and that’s good because you are currently moving at a pace that is far too easy for you. Don’t complain if life suddenly gets tougher over the next few days – that’s exactly what you need.


You must not allow yourself to get dragged into other people’s private affairs. If you do get involved you may find it impossible to break free again. Other people’s problems are for them to deal with and learn from. You’ve got enough of your own.


By all means question what other people tell you today, especially if what they say sounds false or not quite right. Just because they claim to know what they are talking about does not give them immunity from criticism. Their “facts” may not be facts at all.


Today’s Mars-Saturn links demands that you do everything by the book. There must be no cutting corners and no using dubious measures. If you leave yourself open to charges of dishonesty your rivals will seize on that to make you look bad.


Try not to call attention to yourself today, either at home or at work. Get on with what you are doing quietly and calmly and stay under the radar as much as possible while doing it. You don’t need recognition, you need to be left alone.


You will find yourself under a lot of pressure today and your ability to stay calm and not be panicked will win you plenty of admirers. Maybe you should ask yourself though where the pressure came from. Chances are you brought it on yourself.


You seem to be moving in a different direction to everyone else at the moment but maybe that’s no bad thing. Every now and again it’s good to remind those you deal with, at home and at work, that you will never be one to follow the crowd.


Today’s Mars-Saturn union in your sign will in some way or other remind you that nothing happens in a vacuum. Consequences don’t come out of nowhere – they always have causes, and your task now is to uncover the root of your current dilemma.

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