Horoscopes for Monday, March 19, 2018


Is Today Your Birthday?

The time has come to admit that your destiny is in your own hands and that any problems you have are largely of your own making. If you can manage to do that over the coming 12 months you will find that solutions quickly reveal themselves.


Try not to focus too rigidly on one specific task over the next 24 hours. This is one of those times when you will do better, and feel happier, if you do whatever takes your fancy and don’t worry too much about long-term goals and plans.


Most likely you won’t be thinking too clearly today, so try not to attach too much importance to what your mind tells you. That applies in particular to money matters and business issues. Wait until later in the week before making decisions.


No matter how strong your rivals may be you are stronger and can beat them with ease. You don’t believe that? Well you should because it’s true. Your mind is your most powerful weapon, so use it well. Brain beats brawn every time.


Don’t worry too much if you find it difficult to express yourself clearly today. It could in fact turn out to be quite a good thing as the next few weeks will bring numerous situations that require thinking and planning, not talking and doing.


Anyone who tries to give you advice today is sure to regret it. You are in no mood to be told what you should do, and in even less mood to be told that you are doing it all wrong. You know what’s what and don’t need others to correct you.


Cosmic activity in and around the career area of your chart warns that you may fall out with someone in a position of authority today. By all means stick up for yourself but don’t make enemies of powerful people for no good reason.


You don’t have to try so hard Leo. As the Sun moves closer to one of the better areas of your chart you can afford to relax a bit. But that does not mean you can take silly risks just to prove yourself. The world knows what you can do.


Try not to fear the worst today, because it isn’t going to happen. Your anxieties could in fact work against you by making you too cautious about a matter that requires strong self-belief and a willingness to make quick decisions. Don’t lose your nerve.


You are clearly none too happy with what is going on in your life but the question is: what are you going to do about it? First you must clear your head of angry thoughts. Then you must see the situation for what it is. And finally you must act!


By all means question what you are told but don’t take it to extremes and start to believe that everyone is out to deceive you. If someone offers to help you out on the work front today chances are it’s for real – there is no hidden agenda.


Don’t commit yourself to anything that you have not checked out thoroughly for yourself. Even if a friend you can usually trust tells you there is nothing to worry about you must still make inquiries – it will be well worth the effort.


Don’t jump to conclusions today because almost certainly you will find out later on that they are utterly wrong. On the home front, especially, you must give partners and loved ones the benefit of the doubt even if you suspect they don’t deserve it.

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