Ki Manipulation


Not really a spell but if done properly, you may master pyrokinesis, telekinesis and maybe all other kinesis.

You will need the following items for this spell:


Casting Instructions for ‘Ki Manipulation’

What is ki energy?
Ki is an eternal energy. Additionally it is called Chi. It is inside everything, and can be used at a
humans will. To use Ki, you must be able to visualize very well. The key to using Ki is a
Place known as the Hera. The Hera is located within your body, 3-inches below your Navel. Visualize it as a swirling ball of green energy. This is where you are going to draw
your energy from. To use Ki, You must visualize drawing energy from your Hera, and projecting it from your body how you want it to.

Beginner Ki —
Practice ki at least 5 days a week no matter how much or how little.

The Dan Tien
Your dan tien is the very center of your body, it is located about 2-3 inches bellow your belly button and 2-3 inches inside your body, this is the very center of your body and this is where you gather energy from, all energy you collect to use come from here,until you try to use ki you need to have the ability to feel out where your center is, close your eyes and focus, try to feel it deep inside your belly, try to see that, once you can feel it, it is going to feel like a warm tingly feeling deep within your belly, now as soon as you find it proceed.

This is likely,to me, the most important thing to get right to begin with, to meditate you can be in either the indian style sitting posture, in which you sit and cross your legs with your left foot tucked into the back of your right knee and your right foot resting on top of your left knee, the sit which would see in a yoga video! , and place your right hand on your left wing and your left hand on your right calf and always keep your back upright.

The second place is only in a chair, keep your feet flat on the floor and your back upright and your hands on your legs. When meditating you should also concentrate on
Your breathing, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, this is also called Ki breathing, which will be described later.

Meditation is quite simple, its just a total relaxed state of mind, no thoughts, no worries, just peace. To meditate is easy, just get into position, closing your eyes is optional, I find it easier with my eyes shut, ignore all outside noises and interuptions, then on your mind count backward from 10, when you reach zero state in your mind relaxed and calm, then count backwards from 9 when you hit zero say in your mind calm and relexed, and so forth, until you get to counting from zero to zero, then simply sit there, your meditating at this time and remeber to focus on your breathing.

When you dont wish to meditate anymore, then simply count in your head from zero to 1, and when you hit 1 say in mind waking more and more, then from zero to 2 saying in mind waking more and more, then from zero to 3 and so on till you reach 10 again.

Visualisation is one other very important point to learn to do, in case you have trouble with it already that is, visualisation is simply being able to envision things clearly in your mind, being able to feel these things, even taste them. You should practice this everday, it will help alot later on.

To practice visualisation, the simplest thing to do is to start meditating, and through meditation, attempt to picture an apple on your head, see every detail of that apple, now attempt to pick up the apple, feel that the apple, as if it was there the entire time, now take a bite from it, taste it, feel less hungry once you swallow that bit of apple. When You are able to do this, which means practice until you can it might take a week or even a few days depending upon the Individual,

Ki Breathing
Ki breathing is simple, just stand or sit, if standing, have your legs at shoulder lenght, hand by your side, if your sitting just sit like you would for meditation, now all you have to do is breathe in through your nose, visualise that your breathing in energy, let it fill your body, picture yourself along with a large empty shell and every time you breathe inside fills the shell, when you breathe out, breathe out through your mouth and visualise it taking away the old energy, the bad things.

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