Witches Bottle


This charm to make all the terrible things which will occur to, to go inside the bottle and it protects you.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A small to medium sized jar or bottle (a huge spice bottle works well) sage, or other purifying herb such as rosemary a black candle sea salt parchment paper (or other “nice” stationary) dragon’s blood ink rusty nails, broken glass, needles, other sharp items dead bugs, some of your favorite food well molding, other “gross” things some of your hair, finger or toenail clippings some of your semen or menstrual blood some of your urine a handful of earth, or potting soil a black cotton fabric

Casting Directions for ‘Witches Bottle’

Perform this charm alone at night. On a evening before the dark moon (women have to adjust the timing to coincide with their menstrual cycle) collect your items together to do this spell. Ground and center. Mark a circle on the ground around you with the sea salt, moving clockwise beginning and ending in the North. Burn your herb as an incense and permit the smoke to waft over you and your region. Hold the jar over the smoke and make certain that some gets inside it. Light the black candle saying:

In the darkness I conjure light
In the light I muster force,
From the force that I invoke the power
To snare that which intends me harm.”

On the parchment write the following with Dragon’s Blood Ink:
Your entire name (your domain will do if you identify with this.)
Your birthdate. (Month, day, year, and time if possible)
The symbol for your astrological sun, moon, and rising signs.
Any other symbol that you feel represents the real “you”.
Now smear some of your semen or menstrual blood on the paper. Draw a circle around the whole thing and draw a pentagram over it, feeling that to do so is an act of power; that when the star is completed you have erected a field of protection around you. Roll up the parchment and place inside the bottle.
Now start to fill the jar with the other items: your hair and clippings, nails, glass, bugs, etc.. You will want to fill the bottle about halfway. Say:

Insects from beneath a stone,
needles, nails rusting fast,,
Keep all harm inside and locked,
Within this dungeon made from glass.”

Now fill the jar so far as possible with your urine, which can be from your body in the act of release. This will provide a link for the energy to trace in the jar and stay. Insert the handful of earth, believing it’s connection to the planet and it’s ability to transform waste into fertility. Insert three pinches of sea salt into the mixture. Cork the bottle or attach the lid and seal the edges with drippings in the black candle. Hold the bottle in the hands before you and facing the candlelight so that the light shines through the bottle. Feel the power of this candle permeate your jar, charging it with purpose and power. Say:

I charge you, bottle, to trap all harm.
Keep me safe from risk.
Inside shadow calls into darkness,
to be carried below
Into the grave.”

Take three deep breaths and exhale all of your stress, worry, doubt fear, pain, etc. into the bottle. On the last breath “hear” the power in your breath ring and resonate with the jar. Wrap the jar carefully in the black cloth and open your circle in the standard way. Go out to bury the bottle in a place where it won’t be disturbed. Should the bottle be disturbed or broken, rest assured that the negativity will not then return to you as it has already been neutralized by the salt and the handful of ground, but the jar will stop functioning. If you wind up burying it in a place that you cannot check up on its own well-being, then you may want to perform this spell at several intervals, perhaps once a year on a certain date. This of course is up to you.

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