To Make Bad Luck Go Away


This spell may be adapted to use any of the Components you decide to assist the energy to work. Bear in mind that Fire consumes, Air dissipates, Water washes off and Earth eliminates. You may do this spell at the New Moon to signify new beginnings or on a Saturday to transform blockages into valuable experiences from which you may learn.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Square piece of paper at least 10 cm x 10 cm (3 x 3 inches) A black mark or magical black ink and pencil Your cauldron or a flame- proof dish if using fire Substance to start your flame (like pine chippings)

Casting Directions for ‘To Make Bad Luck Go Away’

At night time light a small fire in your cauldron or dish.

If not using fire then determine where and how you wish to dispose of this paper.

Write on your paper the words: BAD LUCK

Think hard about when circumstances haven’t gone well for you and write them all down.

Draw a large X across the paper with the black marker.

Put the paper into the fire and say three times: Fire, fire brightly burning

Allow Me to see my luck now turning
Change all thats bad now into great
My life to be all that it could.
Sit for a few minutes, concentrate on the bad luck being gone and the great fortune coming your way.
Extinguish the flame and dispose of the ash appropriately.
You can use any of the methods shown below to dispose of the ash. Just substitute the ashes for the paper.
If you choose to use the Element of Earth then split the paper into little pieces. Knowing thatthe bad luck can’t trouble you and make a similar incantation such as:
Earth dark, cool and powerful
I ask you now to correct this wrong
All bad luck eliminate
In joy let me participate.

Bury the paper, walk away and dont look back.

If using the Element of Water, find a rushing stream or a source of fast flowing water – at a pinch a flushing toilet can be used.

Again tear the paper into little pieces.

As you dispose of the pieces say: Water, water, rushing pure

Take away bad luck for certain
Charge my senses as you flow
These drawbacks I will outgrow.
Take time to consider how full your life can be without the bad luck.
You don’t need to keep thinking Poor me.
If using the Element of Air, either get up into a place as high as possible – the top of a tall mountain or construction perhaps – or walk into a crossroads. In a pinch, a forked road will do.
Tear up the paper into pieces.

Throw or blow off the pieces to the four winds.


Winds of change, set me free
Take bad luck away from me
Dispel its power inside the air
I beg you now grant me my prayer.

Take a deep breath and this time as you breathe in be aware of the fresh energy you are taking in. Any of the parts of this technique is enough to dispel the bad luck so a combination of them will be more than enough to change your life. You do however have a responsibility after this to know yourself and the way you draw negative impacts.

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