Fast Luck Oil


This oil contains herbal essences, all which have the effect of quickening up a spell. However, there is need to get a word of warning, since many people nowadays have sensitivities to so many substances. Wintergreen if ingested internally is highly toxic so you should be extremely cautious when dealing with it and cinnamon oil may irritate the skin. When it is used to dress a candle however the combined oils are an efficent and speedy way of making things happen.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A small bottle 10 drops wintergreen oil 10 drops vanilla oil 10 drops cinnamon oil Carrier such as almond oil

Casting Directions for ‘Fast Luck Oil’

Carefully combine the essential and carrier oils in the bottle.Shake well and repeat as you do so at least three times: Fast Luck, Fast Luck Bring to me my desire.

Add the other ingredients if you are using them and leave the bottle in a cool dark place for at least twenty four hours to the oils to combine. After this time you can use the oil to groom your candles. Bear in mind that, as you are drawing luck towards you, you should dress the candle from the top down.

If you’re using Fast Luck Oil for a money spell focus on cash coming towards you, use a green candle and repeat the words above. Use a brown candle if you’ve got a business deal you need to accelerate, but this time it’s wise to add a few flakes of gold or silver glitter.

To bring love into your life use a pink candle, visualize your perfect person coming into your life and repeat the words above, including: If it be ideal for all concerned. Let the candles burn out.

You should have some indication that this routine is working within about thirty-six hours. If there is none, then you have to consider what obstacles there are to progress. These may have come to light since you began the spell and you may attempt to eliminate them before carrying out the process again.

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