Horoscopes for Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Is Today Your Birthday?

You can and you must turn your back on the past and create a brand new future for yourself. Yes, it will mean leaving people and places behind but if you don’t do that you may never be happy. You’re at a crossroads. Which way will you go?


Don’t take chances with what you own and earn. If someone tries to persuade you to invest in a new project the best thing you can do is say “No” straight away. Let them see you are not remotely interested. It’s a money loser, not a money spinner.


You may think you are moving closer to a long-term goal but is that really the case? The planets warn you are kidding yourself about what is and is not possible, so if in doubt get a second opinion from someone you trust.


If you need assistance today you must come right out and ask for it. Much as you might want others to work out for themselves that something is wrong they won’t be able to because they can’t read your mind – which is probably just as well.


You need a challenge that will stretch you beyond your usual limits and you will get it either today or tomorrow. If you feel you need assistance then seek help from like-minded people. You can be a bit too self-sufficient at times.


There are times when you have to roll up your sleeves and get stuck into the messy side of life and this is one of them. Put self-doubt behind you and let employers and other important people see that you have what it takes to succeed.


The only thing that can hold you back is your own sense of limitation. Let your imagination soar and don’t be afraid to follow your muse wherever it might lead. Aim higher today than you have ever aimed before – and aim higher still tomorrow.


Don’t waste your precious time lamenting what might have been because what’s done is done and cannot be undone. All you can do now is set your face to the future and strive to make tomorrow better than yesterday – and tomorrow begins right now!


You must confront your feelings today, no matter how painful an experience it might be. You must also come to terms with how you relate to certain people. Above all you need to accept that you’re not wrong to feel the way you do.


Slow down a bit – in fact, slow down a lot. You have pushed yourself hard of late and, yes, you have accomplished much. But now you need to rest so your depleted energy levels – mental and emotional as well as physical – get time to recover.


All kinds of good things are possible for you know IF you have the courage to take a few chances. Above all you must overcome your fear of losing or even of being second best. No Scorpio, you can’t always be number one.


You have an obligation to help people who have helped you in the past, so don’t let them down. It may be true that their troubles are largely self-inflicted but that is beside the point. Everyone makes mistakes, even you, so be sympathetic.


The line between helping and interfering may be difficult to judge today and if you get it wrong you could end up on the receiving end of some pretty sharp criticism. Be that as it may, don’t turn your back. People need your emotional strength.

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