Run Fast


This spell will let you run as fas as teleporting. Be careful of obsticals that could be in your own direction. Use your speed forces wisely or you could wear out the spell.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Shoes You Belief Concentration Outside on a pleasant and windy day

Casting Instructions for ‘Run Fast’

Be sure that you go outside with bare feet and you can have socks on, but it is going to lower your chances on the spell working. Sit down on the ground and close your eyes. Visualize yourself running as quickly as teleporting for just a minute. Stand up and put the shoes in and tie them closely and shout this spell in the direction of the end:

Gods and goddesses, hear me scream
Make my sneakers magic, so I can run at a speed that is particular.
In wind, the wind cannot hold me back! Obsticals will be
Knocked over by my unbelievable speed.
Goddesses and gods hear me yell
Charge my shoes so I can run
So mote it be!

Sit down on the floor and then put your hands. One hand on each show and imagine the magic inside of you flowing to the sneakers, charging the sneakers so that you can run at an extraordinary speed. The charm gave you charging magic so you can run. Permit the sneakers to charge for about 5 minutes and sit. When theyre done charging, you should hear a whirring noise and you should get up and say
Shoes! Let me run free!
Wait for the shoes and then begin running. You may run really fast so be careful about the obsticals in your way. Great luck and be blessed by meMagicSparklz

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