To Drive Away Bad Dreams


This spell uses herbal magick and correspondences to clear the bedroom of negative influence. It’s often a good idea to use material that is easily available, so you might use sprigs of rosemary, sage, Lady’s bedstraw, maize silks or broom-corn. Since you want something removed you need to perform this magical working as the Moon wanes.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Bowl of warm water Salt Your sprigs of herbs String

Casting Instructions for ‘To Drive Away Bad Dreams’

Dissolve the salt in the water.

Tie the herbs together.

Dip the sprigs from the water and sprinkle the -corners of the area with the water.

Use the sprigs to sprinkle the salt on your bedclothes, and particularly round the head and foot of the bed.

When you have completed this, place the herbs under your pillow, or if you prefer, under the center of the bed.

The next morning, discard the herbs at a crossroads if you can, either by burying them or allowing them to disperse to the four winds. Otherwise ensure that you have carried them well away from your home.

This carries all negativity from bed and your bedroom. This spell uses rosemary that brings clarity, sage for wisdom, ladies bedstraw which is said to have lined the manger at Christs birth, and broom corn, which can be used in worship of the Mexican goddess Chicomecohuatl. These herbs bring cleanup, not just of the space but also of those occupants aura or subtle energy. On the basis that one should always replace negative with positive, you may like to use the following technique to bring about positive dreams.

Having prepared your environment, this next technique is of most use when there’s a powerful, deeply felt association with the problem or request being considered in magical terms, perfect conditions for spell working. It’s like being able to consult an encyclopedia that contains a wealth of information in fact, the greater Self.

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