Dreams and Nightmares


To learn what the nightmare/dream has to mean to you.
find what it has in store.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Notebook (completely empty) Red Pen (for Nightmares) Blue Pen (for dreams) Good Memory Knows how to stay asleep during a dream/nightmare until it’s over.

Casting Instructions for ‘Dreams and Nightmares’

First get out your notebook and write in blue pencil on the left page Dream (compose it slanted like this kind of thing / ) and on the right page write: Nightmares (write kind of squiggly)
Before you drift off (it absolutely has to happen right before you drift off and are fast asleep no later or earlier) state this if you want a fantasy:

Light of the day hear whatI say please give me a fantasy soI may. This is my plea so mote it be.

Then in the morning write down all of the details of your fantasy (including around words that you heard in your dream and who said them and how) and then if your dream had something important to tell you the specific word or sentence will light up or catch your eye. Occasionally they may be words which dont make sense. So rearrange the scrambled words to form a sentence which makes sense and if that is the right sentence it will glow bright yellow.
Say that if you want a nightmare:

Darkness of night,I wish to take flight on your horrible sight. Let me see what the shadow has in store for me so mote it be.

Then do the same thing you did with the dream except that this time the letters will shine black and write it to the nightmare side. If you get a dream and a nighmare in 1 dream, write it down in the center of a blank page not one of the two original pages. If this worked right for you the letters should form a paragraph and will glow a very dark shade of blue. But write the multi drema/nightmare in one in black ink.

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