Nightmare Repelling Herb Pouch


We all have nightmares and negative spirits lurking around. And hopefully this mix of herbs can help!

You will need the following items for this spell:

Sowing kit Little piece of white or black Silk cloth Altar Wand Candles Bay leaves – Removes negative energy, and protects Celery – Increases Physical and Mental powers Mustard Seed – Protection, Mental powers and Faith Rose Petals – Love and luck Rosemary – love, banishing and protection Allspice – Protection Chamomile – sleep, soothing and comfort

Casting Instructions for ‘Nightmare Repelling Herb Pouch’

Sow a clean square – shaped fabric together. You can use any colour youd like. I recommend black or white because theyre straightforward and pure.
You may use any type of fabric, provided that its clean and soft, yet powerful.
Sow the cloth into a little pouch with an opening at the top by bending it in half and sowing the sides up.
Dont forget to turn the cloth inside out, so the stitches will be on the inside.
As soon as you have your pouch ready, begin putting the herbs in. Blessing each one having a written chant so its personal.
Put them inside the pouch, once inside, tie the bag closed with some string of the following colors:
Green for Earth.
Yellow or White for Air.
Red for Fire
And Blue for Water.
Tie the pouch closed and light two or more candles and sit with the herb pouch in your hands.
Focus on the flame of the candles and clear your mind and chant the next three or more times:

Demons and spirits
flee from me.
Gone and harmless
you shall be.
Stay from my dreams.
In my mind and sight.
I request you to leave
In both day and in night.

Lastly, close your eyes and take a deep breath or two until youre calm. Blow out the candles and place the pouch on the Altar, tap your wand on it three times, repeating the following:

It has been said, do as you have been told.

Hang the bag over or beside your bed to protect your dreams.
Ive used this spell for a week or so.
And its helped with my dreams a lot actually.
I hope it helps with you, also.

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