Wishing Blaze


This spell is a very simple wish granting spell. It wont always work 100% in your intention depending on your skill level. This spell Won’t work on observed things such as “I wish everyone o earth will perish”

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 match Strong will Full concentration

Casting Instructions for ‘Wishing Blaze’

Before starting, know you will be working with passion and should take extreme care. I, or anyone else on this site, am not responsible for any injury that may accrue in this spell. This spell can be cast anywhere but it is preferred that you’re alone and in a darkened room.

To begin, take your game in your dominant hand. Start to concentrate and think of your wish. Once you are certain of your wish, change this chant to your wish’s needs.

“Burning soul of the Blazing Wish,
As our warmth and energy collide
Listen to my heart held dream;
I wish for/to [want] its what I want,
showing my true passion, come to me.
Guide my idea and the forces you hold
This is what I wish to hold”

Now you may light the match and hold between your index finger rand your thumb. Say your chant loud and clear, but make sure not to blow out the match. Continue saying the chant as many times as you can before the match burns out. You will need to get through the chant at least once before the match burns out. If your match starts to burn down to your fingers, you might blow out your game.

This spell is not only wish and done. You will need to work at least a little. By way of example, if your desire is to become good at piano, after you finish the spell you will have to practice piano at least once a week. The more you work toward your goal, the faster the spell takes full effect.

This spell should only be cast once a week, or the fire spirits will deem you greedy and dismiss your wish.

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