All-Purpose Wishing Spell


To help you with any desire you have.

You will need the following items for this spell:

3 white candles 2 candles that are a colour related to your desire Pen, black, silver, or that matches the candle color Piece of paper Glass bowl with water OR Glass dish, with a bag of salt handy

Casting Directions for ‘All-Purpose Wishing Spell’
Use this guide to discover what color candle you will need that’s associated with your wish.

Light these candles in a star shape, with 1 white candle on top, then the other 2 white candles at the bottom of the star. The 2 colored candles ought to be the center prongs of this star. Place the plate or offering bowl in the middle of these, and light the candles clockwise starting from the bottom left candle.

Write your wish on the bit of paper, with the pencil. Try to keep the paper little since you will be burning it and burnt paper smells like your house is on fire.
After composing your wish, fold up the paper and maintain it, concentrating and imagining your wish coming true, and saying the next chant

“With this sheet my wish be told
No Part of my heart withhold
For this I need quick fruition
So that my life may match my vision”

Then, light the paper on fire just for a little, and dunk it in the bowl of water to extinguish it, or drop it on the glass dish and pour salt on top of it to put the flame out. Alternately, you can just let it burn out on its own if you really want.

It will help if you’re able to have something to represent the other components too. A bowl of water, or an oil diffuser with oil/water for water, incense for air, crystals or salt for the earth, and the candles that are fire.
After the paper is burnt out you can do anything with it, throw it out or bury it outside if you wish. Let the incense and oil diffuser in case you started them finish burning/diffusing, the candles can be blown out and kept for another spell. The salt can be reused or thrown out whatever you prefer. If you’d like you can meditate on the thought of your wish coming true as the incense and oil diffuser finish up.

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