Wishing for Love


This is a version of a wish spell I learned before for a different goal, I adapted it & tried it out. I’d have to say that since it took only 48 hours after casting that if your intentions are true but not specific that it works!

You will need the following items for this spell:

10 x 10′ Square of Parchment Paper
1 Quill Pen or Fountain Pen
Dragon’s Blood Ink
Few Drops:Rose Oil (Heart Chakra can be used)
Star Incense
1 Pink Candle
Pin (To inscribe candle)

Casting Instructions for ‘Wishing for Love’

Burn the incense while inhaling in a feeling of comfort, really clear your head so that you can concentrate on what you need from a real love! Take the piv inscribing it with a heart, now annoint the candle with the oil saying I promise I will always cherish the blessing of true love! Be as specific in what you need as possible and write the list down with the ink and pen. Now turn the paper over and trace a pentacle in it. Fold the paper 3 times while continuing to chant. I promise and thank you for the true love thats coming into my life Hold the paper to your heart area and really press emontion into that paper, mark it with your intent! Now burn that paper as you continue chanting. Raise your arms, thank your deities for their presence, allow the candle to burn out. Now forget about what you just did and blessed be!

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