Waxen Heart Love Spell


Love is one of the most powerful forces in the universe, so it is only fitting that advanced love spells are among the most potent spells that one can cast.

You will need the following items for this spell:

2 White Candles
2 Pink or Red Tapered Candles
Jasmine or Vanilla Incense
Rose Quartz Crystal
Peppermint Essential Oil
A small red pouch or knotted handkerchief

Casting Instructions for ‘Waxen Heart Love Spell’

Love Spell Timing

The best time for casting a love spell is on a Friday, as that day is associated with the goddess of love, Venus. The ideal moon phase is the Waxing Moon, which occurs during the period when a New Moon transitions into a Full Moon. Spells cast under a Waxing Moon are usually reserved for bringing new things into your life or gaining something. The time of day is of no particular importance, but be sure that you are relaxed, yet alert and fully attuned to your magical deed(You may also wish to drink a cup of mint tea afterwards) Melt the pink or red candles in a pot (or cauldron if you have one) stirring frequently. Once the candles have melted, remove from heat and let cool. When the wax has cooled but is still malleable, take it to your altar and begin to shape it into a small heart. While you are working the wax with your hands, reflect on all the qualities that you would like in a lover or companion. Let the thoughts flow from your head, down your arms and fingers and into the wax. Picture the words flowing out of your fingertips and being moulded into the heart. Once the heart is shaped, take a pin and carve the initial of your first name into the center of the heart, and then anoint the heart, the two white candles, and the quartz crystal with the peppermint oil. When anointing an object with oil, rub the oil in a downward motion as this signifies bringing the magic into you. First rub from the top of the object to the middle, then from the bottom to the middle. Never rub up and down as this defeats the purpose. Rub the excess oil on your third eye (middle of forehead) and breastbone. Once that is done, light the white candles and incense and pass the crystal through the smoke of the incense three times. Repeat this action with the heart. Focus on the smoke tendrils curling around and enveloping the crystal and heart as you move them and repeat these words: My love is pure and my heart is full, Venus, hear my plea, Bring my true love to my side, Wherever he may be. Hold the wax heart in one hand and the crystal in the other hand and close your eyes. Engage in quiet meditation and focus on your breathing. Imagine that you are surrounded by a fiery red haze, and with every inhalation, the haze fills your lungs and strengthens the love and power inside of you. Continue meditating as long as you deem adequate. After the candles and incense have burned down, place your homemade wax heart, the rose quartz crystal and some ash from the incense into the red pouch or knotted handkerchief. Place this homemade talisman someplace where you are able to see it daily, i.e. on your dresser or night table, on a window sill, or in your car. You may also choose to place it underneath your pillow each night so you may dream of your lover

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