What is a White Witch – Do you want to be a great one?


So, you are asking yourself “What is a White Witch and could I be one?”

White witches are those who utilize their psychic abilities to aid others. They utilize white magic in their practice of the craft, which places a heavy emphasis on using one’s power for good. A white witch understands that true power comes from the heart and is more aligned with right actions than with the pursuit of self-interest.

Have you been curious about the world of white witchcraft and asking yourself what is a white witch? Have you heard interesting tales about this type of witchcraft, but don’t know where to begin your journey? If so, you have come to the right place to help you explore all that white witchcraft has to offer.

With white magic, which is also called “high magic” or “good magic,” you will be able to perform magical spells, rituals and other techniques for the “good of others.” You can utilize different types of items or ingredients during the practice of this type of magic, such as chamomile, citrine, and white candles.

Being a white witch is not about using malice and manipulating others. It means that you have the ability to use your intuition and super-sensory perceptions to help others. Your abilities can also be used for your own personal growth and for your own sense of self.

Sensitives are people that have always been sensitive to their environment, particularly to people and situations. Like clairsentients and psychics, sensitives are in tune with themselves and their environment. If you can feel this energy radiating from others, you could be a natural candidate for learning the white magic of a white witch.

A white witch is someone who is in tune with the cycles of nature. A white witch will draw on the energies from the sacredness of nature to help others and improve their wellbeing. White witches are usually either born as gifted psychics or acquire deep psychic sensitivities as they get older.

Forget the myths. Becoming a white witch is similar to being a vegetarian – it’s a choice everyone can make, regardless of their family background or belief system.

“White Witchcraft is a religion based on kindness, the use of nature, love and good virtue to control the powers of witchcraft. If you renounce evil, follow a life of good deeds and contribute to society in a positive way, you can become a card-carrying white witch.”

In order to become a white witch you must have the proper knowledge of your own mind and abilities. You must learn how to harness power from within. You must have the confidence to in yourself and the ability to fully control your environment and influence others.

So, try starting by answering these questions:

  • Do you feel like your sensitivity to sensations, images and sounds that go beyond the five senses has impacted your learning experiences?
  • How do you use your super-sensory abilities?
  • What are your super-sensory abilities?
  • What is one of your super-sensory abilities?
  • Do you feel that you are a natural witch?
  • Do you use your intuition in your work?
  • What is your opinion on people that believe in spells and witches?

There are numerous book and websites that will tell you what is a white witch. Once you have gained the confidence and knowledge about the various places within yourself where your powers can generate, you will be on the road to becoming a white witch.

So, to answer your question, “What is a White Witch?”,  a white witch is someone who has a deep understanding of the magical energies around them. They often draw on these energies to help others, and are able to create bridging effects with the physical realm.

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