5 Beginner Witchcraft Spells for the Beginner Witch


If you’re new to the world of witchcraft, of course, you want to be able to learn spells that are easy and fun for you while you are getting your feet wet, so-to-speak. When it comes to casting a spell, the process can be as simple or as difficult as you prefer it to be. And it is something that touches mental and emotional sides, and it can be deeply spiritual and physical, as well. So think of how you would like to approach casting spells and remember to stay positive! Overall, spellcasting is not difficult, but it does involve your energy as well as the intentions you hold.

What is a spell? A spell is something that is not dissimilar to a prayer, and it can be cast for personal gain or otherwise. It is not a bad thing to cast a spell for personal gain, as we all control our own lives and have the ability to influence our own decisions for good or bad. But it is not something looked well upon to control the lives of other individuals. So when you complete a spell, remember that your morals and intentions go into how the spell will turn out. And, as a result, the consequences of the spell belong to you.

In this article, we will share with you 5 beginner witchcraft spells for the beginner witch, all listed under the type of spell they belong to. So when you read on, you will see 5 beginner love spells, 5 beginner wealth spells, et cetera. So read on, and get ready to successfully cast spells in no time!

Love SpellsLove Spells

Love spells are quite popular when it comes to casting spells. Each and every individual wants love in their life, so it’s no wonder that the love spell is one of the most frequently-cast spells. But love magic encompasses a great number of circumstances, so it’s of the utmost importance that you approach it with the proper understanding of what your intentions are. For example, an attraction spell can aid you with finding a new person to love, while a true love spell can help you to narrow in on a committed and lasting relationship.


1. Herbal Bath of Love

This is an excellent spell to draw love into your existence in a moral and upright way. It is also a spell that is quite simple to complete so it is definitely worth adding to a list of 5 beginner witchcraft spells that involve love. Here is what you will need for the Herbal Bath of Love spell:

– A time for yourself that is quiet, serene, and undisturbed.
– Rose or lavender petals.
– Candles(s) and a plate meant for holding candles.
– Music that promotes a relaxed state of mind.
– Herbs.


– Draw a bath that is quite warm and sprinkle in some herbs. Any herbs you prefer will do. If you prefer, you can place the herbs in a bath sachet. Light your candle(s) and turn on your relaxing music. Ease into the tub.
– Lay back and allow yourself to relax. Visualize your cares and concerns melting away and only allow yourself to think of the bath and your relaxation.
– When you are ready to do so, mentally picture a white light encompassing you in your bath. This is your cast circle. At this point, you can also give your goddess an invitation to join you.
– Think deeply about the kind of love that you want to appear in your life. Envision yourself with the individual who will be bringing you this love. Envision yourself laughing with them, talking with them, and being happy with this person.
– Repeat these words, or words that are similar, “I draw into me a love that is pure and sweet. One that will benefit me and the journey of my soul. For the benefit of all and the harm of no one.”
– Repeat this no less than three times and no more than thirteen. Once you have repeated the words as many times as feels right, speak, “So mote it be.”
– Leave the bath when you are ready and release the circle by imagining that it is fading. Envision the energy moving away to begin work on drawing in the love that you so desire. Finish by telling the universe that you are ready and deserving of love.

2. Venus Love Charm

This spell will require you to have:

– A silver coin that is new.
– 4 Rose Quartz pieces.
– A purple candle.
– Silk in a square-shaped piece. Purple or white will work the best.


– Drape your piece of silk over your altar. Your candle must be placed in the center of the silk, and you may need to use a candle holder to make sure that it does not tip over.
– Next, set the silver coin on the south side of the silk cloth. If you need to, use a compass in order to find the correct direction. Secure each corner of the silk cloth by placing one piece of Rose Quartz on each one.
– You will have some words to repeat four times. Repeat the words one time as you touch a piece of Rose Quartz. These words are, “From the four corners of the earth, bring to me, my true love.”
– Imagine that the light of the candle’s flame is spreading out into the universe to connect you to your one true love. You should not envision any particular person while you do this.
– Allow the candle to burn until it dies out on its own. Then gather the coin and the Rose Quartz pieces in the silk square, but leave upon your altar.

3. Letter of Love

This is a powerful love spell that should be performed only on the night of a Friday. Here is what you will need to complete the spell:

– 1 envelope and sheet of paper (blank).
– Red marker.
– 6 rose petals.
– Your favorite perfume and red lipstick.


– Take the blank sheet of paper and the red marker and begin to list the qualities of the individual you would like to attract to yourself. Be realistic and specific, but don’t use any names.
– When you are done writing, take your favorite perfume and give the sheet of paper one spritz of it before folding it into the envelope you have set aside.
– Take the rose petals and hold them in the palm of your hand. Envision yourself with the type of person you would like to spend your life with. Allow yourself to feel the happiness you would feel while being with that individual. Then slip the rose petals into the envelope that holds the sheet of paper.
– Seal the envelope and put on your favorite lipstick. Kiss the outside of the envelope, leaving a mark of your lips. Place the envelope in a safe place.
– When you have found your lover, you can dispose of the envelope. Burn it or simply throw it away. But do not open it up under any circumstances.

4. Jumping Bean

Sadly, in many instances in life, we find a love that brings us joy but we lose this love. This is a spell that ushers lost love back into your existence. You will want to complete it on the night of a Friday. Ideally, this will be during a full moon. You will need:

– A candle shaped like a person.
– Tonka beans (if you cannot find these any dried bean from your pantry will work).
– A bowl that is heat-resistant.


– Along the candle’s side, lightly carve the name of your lost love. Light it while you are thinking of this individual.
– In your heat-resistant bowl, place three beans. Place this bowl over a fire. If you are not safely able to start a fire, placing the bowl on your stove is acceptable.
– As the beans begin to jump as they roast, speak the name of your lost lover and ask the universe to bring him or her into your life once again. Then, extinguish the flame of your candle.
– Repeat this two more nights. Your loved one should move back into your life in no time.

5. Return to Me

This is another spell that is meant to be completed in order to reunite two lovers. This is another spell that makes use of a candle, which is a good thing given that candles are fairly powerful. You will need:

– 1 candle that is either pink, red, or white.
– Vanilla oil.
– Yarn, or string, in the color red.


– Roughly half-way down the candle, lightly carve your name into your candle. Then, over your own initials, carve the initials of your loved one. Then add some vanilla oil to the candle. Note: Make sure that you are carving your lover’s initials OVER your own, not actually above.
– Tie the yarn or string around the candle so that it touches the initials you have carved. Light the candle. Allow it to burn until the flame is right around where the carving lies. At this point, gently extinguish the flame and set it on your altar. When your lover comes back into your life, you will finish burning the candle.
– Each day that you wait for your lover, add a small bit of vanilla oil to the initials you have carved onto the candle.

healing spellHealing Spells

Healing spells, like love spells, are quite popular amongst witches. Therefore, it makes sense that we would include 5 beginner witchcraft spells that the beginner witch can use in order to heal.




1. Healing Hands

This spell focuses on your own health and overall well-being. As the old saying goes, you cannot pour from an empty cup, so it makes sense that you take care of yourself before you can heal those around you. You will need:

– A heart and mind that is open and receptive.
– Your hands.


– Allow your cares and concerns to melt away from your mind. Beseech the highest beings of the universe to aid you during this process.
– You will be called to place your hands on various parts of your body, such as your head, your chest, and your stomach. Allow yourself to be guided in this way.
– Imagine the love of the universe flowing purely into your crown chakra and throughout the rest of your body. Allow this energy to channel through your body, healing the parts that need it most, until you are sure you have been healed as much as you need.

Fortunately, you can cast this spell any time that you like. In addition, it does not require you to begin a circle.

2. Pentacle Purification

This is a spell that is less for times when you are ill and more for those instances when you just need a boost physically. You will need:

– A fresh rosemary sprig.
– Sandalwood/rose oil.
– One cup of pure water.


– Add some oil to the tip of your fresh rosemary sprig. Then, make the sign of a pentacle along your body. You will need to be shirtless for this step.
– With each point of the pentacle, repeat one of these words (in order, of course): “Earth, water, fire, air, spirit.”
– Imagine the pure energy of the pentacle flowing through you and giving you the physical pick-me-up you are in need of. Take a sip of the cup of water you have on hand, and then bury the spring of rosemary outdoors.

3. Happiness Blooms

This is a spell that is excellent for well-being. It will bring positive energy into your life, and heal emotional wounds. You will need:

– Lilac oil/jasmine oil.
– A fresh flower (any type will do).
– One blank sheet of paper and a pencil.
– A candle that is yellow.
– A container that is heat-proof.


– Light your candle, and using your sheet of paper and a pencil, write down three things about your life that are making you unhappy. Then burn the sheet of paper in the flame of the candle.
– Place a dab or two of oil on your fresh flower and breathe in deeply. Envision that the problems you have are melting away, just like the sheet of paper you burned in the flame of your candle. Replace each worry and care with the joy and purity of the flower. Let all stress drift away from you.
– Set the flower in your container, along with the ash of the paper, and place this on your altar. Leave it there as a reminder that you have a lot to be happy about.

4. Weight Loss Bath

This is another well-being spell, but it focuses on getting you to the weight you desire. Here is what you will need to complete the spell:

– Basil oil.
– Grapefruit oil.
– Sage oil.
– Lemon oil.


– Run a bath for yourself that is quite warm, and begin adding 4 or 5 drops of each oil into the bath water. Swirl the oil around with your hand so that the whole bath is cleansing and saturated.
– Climb into the bath and enjoy the fragrance that wafts up from the water.
– Envision the changes you want to see in your body, and focus on the happiest, healthiest you. Be realistic. Rub the water all over your body and let the oil do its work. Remain in the bath until the water begins to cool down.

This spell works the best when it is completed on a Saturday, especially when there is a waning moon scheduled. Keep in mind that the Goddess rewards those who work hard alongside the spells they cast. Don’t treat yourself to fast food each day or sit on the couch constantly after completing this spell. Work in harmony with your spell and focus on the healthy, thinner you that you desire.

5. Keep You Well

The Keep You Well spell is ideal for those days when you find yourself around an individual who is ill. You will need:

– A twig or small branch.
– Dried rosemary.
– Yard or ribbon in a light blue color.
– Fresh mint leaves and fresh gardenia petals.
– A cup of fresh chamomile tea.


– Take your twig or small branch and wrap it up with the fresh mint, petals, and rosemary. Secure this tightly with your yarn or ribbon. Make sure nothing falls away from the twig.
– On the surface of your altar, set the freshly brewed cup of chamomile tea. Imagine that a small blue circle is enveloping you, and protecting you from harm and illness. Take a sip of your tea.
– Dip one end of the charm you have made (the small branch or twig) into the tea. Repeat the following, “Herbal tea, no sickness be. Protect me, three times three.”
– Repeat those words one more time as you dip the opposite end of the charm in the tea. Finish your cup of tea as the charm dries.
– Carry the charm with you, especially in places where you are concerned there is a high chance of illness. Remember, you can always recharge the charm with another cup of tea and repetition of those powerful words.

Bonus Spells

We have already discussed 5 beginner witchcraft spells for the beginner witch who would like to cast spells related to love, as well as healing and well-being. These spells are listed as a bonus, and they are simple for the witch who is new at casting spells.

1. Grow Some Wealth

This spell is just how it sounds – it is a spell that can aid your finances. You will need:

– A houseplant (basil works the best).
– A small coin.
– Dried patchouli.


– Gather your houseplant and sprinkle a bit of the dried patchouli on the soil. Then, stick the coin into the soil roughly half-way. You should still be able to see part of the coin.
– If some new money finds its way into your existence, then spend the coin as soon as possible and replace it within the soil.

2. Sprinkling of Protection

An easy spell that aids in protecting yourself and those you love, here is what you will need in order to complete the Sprinkling of Protection spell:

– Salt (a handful or so).
– 1 teaspoon of garlic powder.


– Mix your salt and your garlic powder together quite liberally. Take the mixture and sprinkle a little bit of it on each doorway and window of your home.
– Repeat as necessary.

This spell will keep out the negative energy you do not want to enter your home and keep the structure safe. Of course, you will want to work in harmony with your spell and keep your doors and windows locked.

3. Simple Space Cleansing

This is another spell you can use to keep out negative energy. You will need:

– A blue taper candle.
– A sheet of white paper.
– Salt.


– Lay your sheet of paper on top of your altar. Place your candle on top of this. Sprinkle salt liberally on your sheet of paper, and make sure that each corner is covered.
– Light your candle exactly when a new hour starts. For example, light the candle at 2:00 sharp.
– Let the candle burn down, and then pour all of the salt down the drain that was used for this spell. You will then want to bury the sheet of paper outside.

In conclusion, if you are new to the world of witchcraft and casting spells, you can absolutely enjoy successful spells that are not difficult to learn or use. Remember to approach the spells you cast with the right frame of mind, morals, and intentions so that your spells are carried out the way that you want. Try these spells listed here and enjoy love, prosperity, good health, and protection.

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