How to Become a Good Witch with Real Powers? (Part 2)


When you’re looking to do a path of solitaire witchery, then try looking for events like full moon or new moon rituals in your area. Things that are not too far out of the way.

The First Steps to Becoming a Witch

There’s a lot of things that are free like drum circles or bonfires. You can connect with some like-minded individuals. Find inspiration for being around these other people. Maybe you can find some like-minded friends in that process, and you can welcome them into your life.

And do some full moon rituals of your own in your own spare time together. When you’re embarking on this new journey, you will start focusing on your knowledge about the symbols, talismans, crystals, and everything that you are doing to start wearing or decorating your home with. Get to know what each thing means and get very comfortable with their meaning.

If it’s something that you don’t resonate with, then just don’t get into it. Maybe it’s not that time in your life. Don’t feel pressure to invite a symbol into your life that you feel wrong to do. At this time, you will notice through your path that you will come across different things and synchronicities will start to line up.

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For example, if you’re not very familiar with the symbol of the goddess, you’re curious, but it’s not coming your way. Often you might find that in a couple of months or later you start seeing the symbol everywhere in synchronicity. The Universe will start bringing that symbol to you.

It’s something that will have to be guided into your practice because you will find it in your practice regularly. It’s a nice thing at that time to start learning more about that subject or that symbol. It’s the Universe’s way of saying: this is your time for this, you’re ready.

You can start decorating yourselves with crystals and other jewelry early on because it’s fun. Certain crystals resonate different energies, and it’s a healing and a great way to explore who you are as an individual.

You might wear something like moldavite, and you feel that you’re not drawn to it, it’s too powerful for you at this time. Maybe you’re feeling a little bit more comfortable with something like malachite. Through learning the crystals and getting to know their energies, you will get to understand your energy a lot better as well.

How to Cleanse Negative Energy From Yourself

How to Become a Good Witch with Real PowersAnother thing you need to cover on your path to witchcraft is getting to know your energy on a deep level and healing old energy that might be affecting you. A great way to do this is to sit in meditation.

You can light candles or incense if you like, but sit in meditation and run a series of words through your head while you’re meditating and in this beautiful trance. Say things like mom, dad, sister, brother, and start simple with the household. Are you having trouble with these people? Is there something that you need to heal on a relationship level with these people?

Then you can work outwards and start saying with work, job, the career like. What are you hitting blockages? What flusters your hear? You can feel it almost bubble up when you say these words through your mind.

What you need to do with those emotions is learn to make peace with them and let them go. Some of these things you might have to do repeatedly for months at a time, but it’s a good practice to run a series of these words through your head and see how you feel and how you react to them when you’re in this meditative state.

If you feel any anxiety or anger over something, those are things that you need to work on healing. You can’t become your fullest and most fabulous person that you can be until you heal what’s keeping you back!

This is a great practice, and you can do with your loved ones too. Invite them to do this and someone can say a series of words so that you can let yourself be in this fully trans meditative state and let those energies work themselves up to a bubble and then release them. Continuously do this as often as you need to.

Compose the letter to someone that might be troubling you or holding you back. Get rid of the anxiety. You don’t have to send the message, you can even burn it, but get it out on paper and release those troubles to the Universe. Let them go.

Any anxieties, anger, guilt anything you’re feeling about anyone or anything, just jot them down and then release them out of your mind, your body and your spirit.

There are so many other ways that you can get comfortable with yourself on your path. The main thing is not to rush. There is no rush, you have this long beautiful life to live, and in this lifetime you have so much to learn.

Use every single day to learn something new and incorporate something new into your practice. Color your own Book of Shadows, feel the art, infuse the pages it with your energy, play with potions, herbs, crystals, and resins. Begin to know all these things, and start to make your magic pieces.

Magic Spells for Beginners

You don’t always have to copy or mimic something that is written in a book and proven to work. It’s confirmed to work just because someone else already put energy into it and they believed it worked. That’s why it works!

When you see something that’s an old spell or an old ritual, and you feel it doesn’t really resonate with you, modify it and make it yours.

When you are getting to know crystals, oils, and herbs and learning their properties, you can start creating your own spells. Using the seasons, the times of a day, the different feature of everything around that you can incorporate, you can make a unique spell that really resonates with you.

You might incorporate colors or sounds, and you will notice that you will get great at this and then you can manifest powerful things. You’re capable of combining all those energies that the Universe is providing for you.

How To Tell Your Family You Are A Witch?

Before you decide to come out of the broom closet, you must feel genuinely comfortable with what you are practicing because you’re going to get a lot of questions from your family, loved ones, boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, kids. They’re all going to wonder what exactly are you practicing? Is it something that’s going to send you to hell or is it something that’s going to take you away from God?

You should be mindful of their emotions and their feelings. Only when you are well educated on what you’re learning, know and firmly believe in yourself you could discuss with them your faiths.

Don’t ever force anything on anyone else, show and lead by example. They will see that something has changed within you. They will be curious about the positive energy you’re starting to emit or the fact that you’re now becoming yourself. People admire that, something deep within makes them wish that they could be as free as you.

Witches love the earth, and worship nature. I repeat, Nature, not Satan. …Truth is, witches are as beautiful as nature herself and do no harm. They live by the rule of three, a karmic understanding that everything they do comes back to them threefold. The more we kill the earth, the more we kill ourselves. Source

You need to learn to educate others and not push anything on them. If you have some family members or friends who after months or years still don’t want to hear anything about what you’re doing, then maybe it’s time to step away from them. Keep your distance, because you don’t want to invite that kind of negativity into your practice.

All you’re doing is practicing with nature, and you don’t need people to inspire doubt in your mind about what you’re doing and to make you fear what you’re doing.

Question the world around you but don’t question yourself. You just need to do what you feel comfortable and what makes you happy. That is it! The highest vibration is when you work to be the highest self, and you work to be happy, you work to be full of love and light always.

I hope that you guys fully reach your potential and you keep growing even after you find your path. I hope your path to be of pure magic, love, and light! Always share that energy and blessings with everyone around you. Even if they don’t tell you they are gonna appreciate and love you for it. Continue your magical path and never stop believing in yourself. (Source)

Wrapping It Up

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