Vivacity Potion


Feeling drained and need some energy? Don’t want to fill yourself with toxins, sugars and caffeine just to keep your eyes open? Well then do I have the potion for you!

This Vivacity Potion utilizes the powers of aromatherapy to help enhance your stamina when you just can’t seem to stay awake!

You will need the following items for this spell:

Two little bowls citrus leaf oil small amount of dried citrus leaves cypress leaf oil cold water means to begin a fire mortar and pestle [or a sufficient substitute] Container for the potion

Casting Directions for ‘Vivacity Potion’

FIRSTLY, add your oils into the bowl. Make sure the citrus overpowers the cypress oil, this way you’ll take the smell with you longer throughout the day. After this you should prepare your bowl. Make sure it’s clean, washing it beforehand is suggested.

NEXT, take your citrus leaves and crush them in the mortar and pestle. The drier the leaves the easier it is going to be. You can stop doing this when the leaves have obtained an almost powder like feel and no longer seem to be leaves. Once this is complete you can set your crushed leaves to the second bowl.

THIRD, light the citrus powder fire. Be sure not to stand too near the flames as to not burn yourself, and be certain that the fire doesn’t grow to a dangerous size. After the fire begins to give off a citrus aroma, you can extinguish the flames by placing a cloth over the bowl and depriving the fire of oxygen.

AFTERWARD, pour the ashes of the citrus leaves and the mixture of the two oils to the container you plan to keep the potion in. Mix both completely either by shaking them or through stirring.

FINALLY, place the sealed container in cold water. Be sure the water just comes up to half the height of the container so the water won’t contaminate the potion. Leave the potion in the cold water for one hour. After that, you can eliminate the potion. It’s suggested that you keep the potion at room temperature or colder, overheating the potion can result in evaporation.

You can use the potion in two ways: by either rubbing it on your wrists and neck if you will need an extra boost OR by pouring light amounts of it into your bathtub or shower in the morning.

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