Achieving Equilibrium


With this charm, if performed properly, will aid in locating an inner peace, or balance if you will.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 White Candle 1 Black Candle Piece of String

Casting Directions for ‘Reaching Equilibrium’

Find a quiet place where you wont be upset. If you’re indoors, ensure quiet, and if youre outside, allow the noise fade into the background. Begin your meditation by actively thinking about what your purpose is. Consider how you wish to achieve equilibrium. Let it fade back in the corner of your head, but still be aware that its there. Pay attention to your breathing, keeping it slow but steady. As you inhale you inhale the world around you, and as you exhale, you exhale all your internal being. As you exhale, feel the weight leave your shoulders and flow from you like a waterfall as your struggles and stresses become absorbed by the entire world.

Do this for sometime. When you are feeling calm, visualize the candles before you and what they look like. Slowly open your eyes and light the candles. For those who have a necklace it’ll work better than a bit of string, but create a circle with the string/necklace/chord or whatever you’ve got at your disposal. Create a circle with it, or a loop with both ends of the string touching. The circle you just created must touch both candles and yourself. By doing this, you have just created a physical and spiritual bond with the string/necklace, the candles, and the power of the circle.

Close your eyes once more and think of the candles burning. The flames flickering. Think of positive things and guide them towards your white candle. Positive things like childhood memories, moments which make you laugh, and things that make you grin. Visualize these things being implanted and imbedded inside that candle. Now when you think of that candle, you can feel that it’s filled with your good.

Shift your focus to the black candle, and fill it with negative the same way you stuffed your white candle with great. Think of negative things that have happened to you or youre worrying about. Because both candles are connected by the series, they’re physically touching in a roudabout way. Visualize a flow between the two candles. They feed one another. The terrible flows into the good and mixes with it making a balance, just as the great flows into the bad and generates another balance. Both of these candles have come to symbolize and represent equilibrium between your good and bad. The more you concentrate on this bond and symbolism the stronger it gets and soon the candles begin to become equilibrium personified.

Because you’re touching the string, slowly, not quickly, but gradually let the energy begin flowing towards you. Think of the candle, and the way it has its own power but how its also amplifed since its connected to the black candle. Consider the black candle and its own power plus how it’s amplified because of the white candle. As you slowly absorb the energy of these, youre absorbing them both at exactly the same time, but they are singular together in the exact same sense.

As the balance you seek starts to fill you, you feel it start on your heart. Your heart beats differently and the release you feel now is more euphoric and meaningfull. It makes its way into your ideas and your very being. Accept it graciously and as you do this, know that since this was your intention it is going to be your reality.

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