Vinegar Jar


This spell may be used to sour relations between two people. It has several applications in that respect.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A fresh jar vinegar; apple cider or white (champagne or balsamic is too sweet) bit of milk dog hair cat hair dog poo cat poo broken safety pins ( rotten fish (leave an open can of tuna out in the sun or something like that) 9 black candles omega3 fish oil, rancid (supplement you can buy) wormwood, bitter herbs brown paper bag paper for intention same kind of paper to get a picture target’s personal impacts pain, anger, anger, negative energy

Casting Directions for ‘Vinegar Jar’

Before you begin this job you need to cleanse and protect. Cleanse and protect before you begin the job and cleanse and protect before you do the daily work. Then cleanse and protect after you do the daily work. Then cleanse after you complete the job and protect. Or dont. . .and see what happens to you…

You should prepare the ingredients yourself. Collect each of the ingredients. You can use other stuff too this list isnt comprehensive.

Do a divination or scrying to ask what the outcome will be. Tarot is exactly what I like but whatever youre into is fine.

As you gather the ingredients think about what you want them to do for you. Whisper into the ingredients which now they have a new job and a new purpose. Tell each ingredient what its purpose is as you collect it. (“You will fight like cats and dogs,” “you will make X and Y relationship sour” “This connection stinks like rotten fish” etc etc).

Gather energy. But you do it. But ideally your entire body needs to be vibrating before you begin.

Dont forget to cleanse and protect.

First day: Attempt to begin this job since the moon is waning. In case you have other correspondence you like then follow that also. I prefer to perform this work at 0300 am. Very dark time.

Assemble the jar:

Make an intention paper: Write the name of the targets three times using the cross and cover method. It should look like tic tac toe. On the back of that compose your intention. Like: “break up” “Go away from each other” Make it as long or short as you would like.

Focus your energy and tear the paper in half. Now put the two halves together with the names not touching . . .so top and bottom are the titles. Fold it away from yourself three times.

Some people like to use pictures. I suggest doing a drawing. I use stick figures. Draw the stick figures next to each other. Add little facts about each individual. Rip the paper in two separating the characters. Place the paper back to back so the pictures are top underside. Fold the paper three times away from yourself. Focus your anger, anger and pain as you do that. Tell target to “go away” “you can be with anyone else but not her/him” whatever.

Add all of the ingredients. One at a time. Speak to each ingredient as you put the jar together. Tell each ingredient what you want it to do. Focus your pain and anger to it as you do it.

For the safety pins break them, bend them backwards so that they will never work. Tell the pins why you’re doing so “You have a new function today! You will cause discomfort, You’ll Never attach anything again” This sort of thing

Add the vinegar last to the jar. Seal the jar.
Don’t break the seal. If you messed up then go back and start over.

Now annoint your first candle. Write every target’s name on like the other side of the candle. Use a nail or a pin or toothpick. Whisper and focus your goal as you state the names and what you want to happen. Start visualizing anger, arguments, strife. Whatever. Now anoint the candle with the rancid fish oil in a downward way. Dismiss the goal, end the relationship. That sort of thing. Some people like to use hot foot powder to finish the candle. Your mileage may vary.

Now shake the jar. Shake it gently but with strength and visualize the things you want to occur. Whisper to the jar and tell it your goal and truly focus your pain, rage and anger. . .your negative energy. . .into the jar

Burn the base end of the anointed candle so you get some wax build up and then stick the candle on top of the jar. Light the candle and keep sending negative energy and visualize the break up, arguments, strife, words that cant be taken back. Direct it with laser like focus into the candle and the jar.

Do this until the candle burns out. Have a look at the wax drippings. Look for bodies moving apart, tears, whatever. Spend only a moment considering what you did. Write down everything you did, how you felt.

Cleanse and protect. Make sure you be very conscious of how the energy feels in your house and especially inside you.

Once youve finished for the day. Let go of the negative energy. Dont believe or obsess about the job or your goal(s) its 0400 about now. Go for a run, lift weights, whatever. Spend the remainder of the day doing things you like or get super focused at work. Whatever you have to do to keep your mind off the job until you work it.

Day two: Repeat vibration (working) the jar and candle as you did. Repeat all cleansing and protecting. By day three you ought to be waking up in your own and your body should be humming with energy.

Start at exactly the same time you repeat the candle procedure and did day one.

Do this for nine days.

You need to be tired but satisfied after fourteen days.

Take the jar and bury it around a house that is in ruins or falling apart. Other men and women talk about crossroads (I dont like that idea) or a location close to the targets house or the goals traffic pattern. Where ever it is, figure it out before day 9.

Dig a hole, put the jar.
Pee on the jar to show your utter contempt for the connection. Bury the jar.

Walk away and never return.

The job is finished. Dont think about it, other than to watch as your intention becomes manifest.

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