To Recieve Your Dream Pet


This spell will allow you to get your dream pet!

You may need the following items for this spell:

Small container
Piece of paper
Coloring tools (optional)
An idea of what your dream pet is or looks like
Something that represents the creature you want

Casting Instructions for ‘To Recieve Your Dream Pet’

Take the piece of paper and draw a picture of your dream pet on it. Avoid orders, e.g: Husky-dragon hybrid with a unicorn horn and rainbow angel wings

On the other hand, drawing a dragon is fine. Color the image if you want, but know that your dream pets color isnt really up to you, its up to nature. Fold the paper so that you cant see the drawing and write your pets basic information such as height, weight, species, breed, personality, and gender. So that you cant see what you just wrote, fold the paper.

Then, write the dream pets abilities. Shy away from such things as a giraffe with ice breath, but a cat that wont make you allergic is fine. Flip to the side of the folded paper you havent written on, and write the following while saying it out loud, This is my dream, to have this pet, so use the magic of fairies and nature to create this tame, loving animal for me, this is my dream, so create my dream pet for me, so mote it be.

Then, fill up the container with water and add something that represents your creature, like a match for a dragon, milk for a kitten, or bamboo sprouts for a panda. Lastly, set the piece of paper spell side up in the water and watch it start to dissolve. Once it is so dissolved you cant make out the words on the paper, say the spell again.

After that, put the potion somewhere you think that your dream pet would like to play. Leave it there until the newspaper is so dissolved you can hardly see it. Then pour the liquid into a flowerbed or garden. From 1 hour to a few months later you will find your dream et in the exact same garden you poured the potion into. If your pet hatches out of an egg, check the place you allow the paper dissolve in too.

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