Please wait for Me


Ask a beloved family member/ close friend’s spirit to wait for you in the afterlife.

You will need the following items for this spell:

8 White Candles ( For power for your message to reach your loved one )
5 Red Candles ( To signify your love )
Picture Of Loved One.
A Voice.
Utter Devotion to this individual.

Casting Instructions for ‘Please wait for Me’

This charm will ask a loved one to wait for you in the afterlife and greet you when your time comes, and then you can be together for eternity. Please be aware this spell won’t work if you’re not committed or very very close to this person. Set the White Candles in a circle, with gaps inbetween the candles. Set the red Candles at a smaller circle inside the white circle of candles, placing the red candles in the openings so the red circle is seperate to the white circle. Place the picture of a loved one in the center of the circles. Light the outer circle then the inner circle. Sit just outside the circle, staring at the picture. Imagine the person standing in the space, and hold onto that picture as you chant:

Loved one who was lost, I request of you to leave me Wait for me Wait for me Wait for me I beg of you Wait for me Wait for me Wait for me Leave me not My love shines so bright, I miss you every day, In each and every Way, Wait for me I beg you.

If while chanting this, the person is coming closer to you, the spell is working and once they’re so close you can feel them with you in spirit the spell has worked and the person has accepted your request. If the persons image does not get closer, keep chanting, with much more feeling and quantity. ( They are far away, you need to reach them! ) Sometimes if your relationship is not strong enough, the person will move further away and disappear, if this occurs, the individual hasn’t accepted your request.

Once you’ve had your answer, blow out the candles in the order you lit them and pack them off.

Keep the picture in someplace you can see it so the individual can watch over you until you meet when your time comes.

– Blessed Be –

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