The Way to Deliver The Evil Eye


We can directly mesmerize others by just looking into their eyes and grabbing their gaze for several seconds.

You will need the following items for this spell:

How this is done: You need to have a strong willful mind, able of controlling others that are poorer. The closer you are to the individual, the more successful this technique. This takes practice. You have to be in a trance yourself. An adept can will him/herself into and out of a trance, anytime, anyplace. You must concentrate and project your bioelectricity along with your intentions out of your eyes into the other person’s.

Casting Instructions for ‘How To Deliver The Evil Eye’

A. Sit in front of a mirror and unwind. Look up for about 1-2 minutes, this helps to get you into the alpha state. Deepen your trance as heavy as you can go.

b. Focus into your own eyes in the mirror. Start projecting your energy through your eyes. *When training, don’t focus any negative energy on your own for obvious reasons!

c. You should start to feel your own energy, as it is reflected back through the mirror. Do this daily and your energy will become more powerful.

d. When you are feeling much power and you are confident enough, you can try this out on other folks. Animals are also very vulnerable. You will have the ability to prevent an attack dog in its tracks.

5. When mesmerizing someone, control this person, in your head what it is you intend for him/her to perform, experience, etc.. The same holds for curses that should be delivered with maximum hatred and intensity. The commands should be a brief phrase. Animals communicate through mental images.

6. Look deep into their eyes, almost past them into the back of their skull, right projecting your energy into their brain to do your will. Focus intensely.

This is a very advanced skill. You can also practice with a close or trusted friend, as long as you maintain the energy positive. Negative energy will lead to harm, so don’t play around with this.

This skill takes often years of consistent training to become adept to where your stare, in only a couple seconds will put others under your control.

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