Change Eye Colour Spell


This spell will literally change your eye colour.

You will need the following items for this spell:

2 candles (one with same color as your eyes, the other with the colour of the eye colour you want). 2 pieces of paper. Crayon or colored pencil (one in the eye colour you want, the the same colour as your current eye colour. 2 threads (one in colour you want, the other same colour as your eye).

Casting Instructions for ‘Change Eye Colour Spell’

1)Light your candles. Place the candles. Your eye colour on your left and your eye that is wanted color on the right.
2)Get your two papers. Scribble on one with crayon/pencil in your current eye colour.
3)Fold the paper into quarters, then roll it up and tie it up with the ribbon of your existing eye colour. Place rolled up paper in front of the candle of your existing eye colour.
4)Repeat the steps of 2 and 3, except this time you use the colour eye colour you desire.
5)Sit on the ground Indian-style (crossed legs) between the two candles. Breath in and then out. The say the incantation below.

(Wanted eye colour) is the colour I want for my eyes
Make them (desired eye colour) by the next sunrise.
Exchange my (current eye colour) eyes with the colour I would like,
Because my (present eye colour) is the colour I dislike.

6)Place the paper with the thread in the colour of your existing eye colour on your least favourite place in your house (i.e. attic, shed, garage). Same thing with the other paper with the ribbon of your desired eye colour, but put it in your most preferred location (i.e. your bedroom, a sacred chest).
7)Snuff out the current eye colored candle and wait until the flame of another candle burns out.

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