Curse of Hair Loss


When you want your enemy to lose their hair.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Photo of prey 2 x Black candles Hair of victim Satanic Pentagram Altar Salt (Earth) Water in bowl (water) Good quality inscence (Air) 1 x black Candle (Fire) 1 x small statue of Baphomet (Spirit) 1x Black pouch bag with red tie string

Casting Directions for ‘Curse of Hair Loss’

First Cast your satanic pentagram on your altar with black fabric. Second place all the elements in the appropriate spot on pentagram, starting with earth in top left corner, then after a clock wise patern place Air adjacent, then Spirit, Then Water, Then Fire.
In the centre of the pentagram you place the second candle (DO NOT light it just yet), In front of the candle you place a bowl together with all the photo and hair of your victim.
Then get in touch with the dark forces and summon Hecate (Greek godess of the underworld and whitchcraft). Now that Hecate is summoned light the middle candle, take the photo and hair of your victim on your right hand and say the following curse.
By the power and grace of Hecate the goddess of the underworld I curse thee mine enemy, may your hair fall out of your head, as you go to sleep on your bed.
Take the photo and hair of your victim and place it allight with the middle candle, place it in the bowl and then finish the curse as follow. From the power of Hecate the godess of the underworld and whitchcraft this curse be spoken, thus is my wish, so mote it be

Allow the centre candle burn out at precisely the same bowl as the ashes of this photograph and hair of your victim. When the centre candle has burnt out take all contents from the bowl and then break it into the black pouch bag and tie it wit the red string.
Go to your sufferers house and stash this bag someplace where it would not be found. And watch them go hairless day by day.

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