Horoscopes for Saturday, March 31, 2018


Is Today Your Birthday?

A full moon on your birthday means there will be some emotional turbulence this year, but other influences suggest you will gain both emotionally and financially from what you experience. Every step back will be followed by two steps forward


Avoid the temptation to draw conclusions when you have only limited information to deal with. Today’s full moon warns you need all the facts at your fingertips before you call it one way or the other. If in any doubt, make no call at all.


There is no point trying to deny what you have done, because everyone can see what the consequences are, so you might as well own up to it. In the greater scheme of things your “sin” is of only minor importance. A good deed will wipe the slate clean.


The full moon in your opposite sign of Libra means you will find it hard to get through to others today, and maybe over the weekend too. So don’t waste time trying to explain things, just do what you know you have to do and do it well.


Try not to expect too much of yourself over the next 24 hours because the influence of the full moon is such that work-related issues are unlikely to go smoothly. Also, your health could be at risk if you push too hard – so treat yourself gently.


Today’s full moon could make life more difficult than usual but because it falls in the sympathetic sign of Libra it won’t be as harsh on you as it is on others. With that news is mind, be ready to help loved ones and friends if they are struggling.


Full moons often make you touchy and the present one is no exception. You may find it hard not to snap at people whose actions annoy you but that’s okay as they probably deserve it. Steer clear of crowded places – you are better off on your own now.


Some kind of setback is likely but it isn’t the end of the world so don’t overreact. Greet whatever occurs, be it good or be it bad, with a smile and show those around you that you are in control of your emotions, even if no one else is.


Be wary of people who try to convince you that they know how to make your money grow. Maybe they do but the current cosmic picture warns you are unlikely to make much of a profit from their advice, so keep the purse strings tied for now.


A full moon in your sign means that even if you are the sort of Libra for whom logic rates higher than emotion there will be moments today when sentiment swamps you, so be ready for a few tears. Hopefully they won’t all be your own!


Some people will be running around in blind panic today but you, as always, will be in control of yourself. The fact that you are able to keep your head when everyone else seems to be losing theirs suggests the situation may not be so bad after all.


Your opinions are as valid as anyone else’s opinions and you can express them in any way you see fit. Having said which, this may not be the best time to let a certain individual know what you really think of them. Keep it to yourself a while longer.


If you say something that people in positions of power take exception to today you could be living with the consequences for weeks, if not months, to come. Only speak if you have to speak and even then check your words carefully, for your own sake.

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