The Way to Connect To Your Familiar/Pet


This is a guide with a short incantation to link mentally to your Familiar/Pet. Don’t do this if you don’t think, because the negative energies will eventually come around for you.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Your Familiar/Pet
Catnip, milk, or toy mice (for cats)
Chew toy, ball or water (for puppies)
Blessed saucer(for water or milk)
Two arms with hands (for hugging and petting)

Casting Instructions for ‘How To Connect To Your Familiar/Pet’

This will help you connect to your Familiar/Pet.

1. Get one item for your cat/dog (can be done with other animals, you simply need their favourite inanimate object).

2. Go to your Familiar/Pet and clear your negative energies.

3. Pet eight times to them, then put the item before them.

4. Make sure they interact with said item, then enter a state of semi meditation.

5. Your thoughts should be on the brink of connecting mentally to your Familiar/Pet. You need to open your eyes, but still be in semi meditation. Pick up your Familiar/Pet and hug them.

6. Your Familiar/Pet should be relaxed. Go back into the semi meditation, turing it into a state of meditation. Try to enter your Familiar/Pet’s mind. They should willingly accept. Leave them then try again if they do not.

7. Talk to your Familiar/Pet, and let them know they could ask you to help them with anything, and in return, they do exactly the same.

8. Ask your FamiliarPet to sleep with you that evening. Then chant thrice:

Gods and Goddesses, I call upon thee,
To let my thoughts connect to thy animal I keep.
Let them be there, when I need it,
And keep them away from the harm of nature.
I summon thy deity of thy creatures,
To protect and guide my creature and make us one.
So Mote It Be!

9. Fall asleep with your Familiar/Pet, and only call upon them when you want help with something, or if you need a helping paw/claw for a spell.

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