The Fundamentals of Wicca


This Tiny article is for all beginners, and I welcome my students that I sent here, this is all you need to know to start your journey,

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Casting Directions for ‘The Basics of Wicca’

Philosophy= in wicca there is the horned god, and the moon goddess, also known as mother nature, this is a religion, so therefore there cannot be Cristian wiccan r Porotestant wiccans, firstly its important to understand that in order to be wiccan you need to attune with nature, that also means extreme admiration for character, and you need to see all critters, bugs, and pkants, as equal, for you yourself is an animal, you have to personally apoligise and care for all wounded you see and apoligise for any tree you take from or creature you kill for food, in wicca there isn’t any such thing as race , and man and females are equals as well.
Magic and magick- are deemed diffent, magic is fake magic and magick is real, magic functions in something called the planck scale, particals of subatomic matter that could be altered by observing it, and also by using your words.
A summary of being a wiccan- wiccans attune with natures cycles, such as the moon and the sun, wiccans live harmoniously with our world, and our world.
Other basics= the wiccan year is good to know, Ive decided just to allow you to go to the website I recommend, on wiccan spirtuality, theres a good holiday chart.

The seven chakras
*Root Chakra* Situated at the base of the spine at the perineum, it primarily is related to the element of earth and to psychic odor. It is a really bright shade of red and you may chant oohm in tone C while focusing on this area.
*Sexual Chakra* Located above and behind the genitals. Its dominant element is water, and it is related to psychic flavor. It’s a clear shade of orange. You may chant ohm in tone D for this one.
*Solar Plexus* Situated at the navel and corresponding with the emotions and the element of fire and also psychic sight (clairvoyance). It’s a bright sunny yellow color. Chant ahm in tone E for this one.
*Heart Chakra* Found over the heart and corresponding with the element of air and psychic touch. Picture a bright green or a bright pink. Both are seen as the color of this chakra. Chant ah in tone F with this one.
*Throat Chakra* Situated at the base of the throat (thyroid) and corresponding with psychic hearing (clairaudience.) A light shade of blue, you can chant ehm in tone G for this one.
*Third Eye* lies between and slightly above the eyebrows. This chakra is the center of psychic powers and can produce many psychic effects. Meditation with this chakra is thought to cure nervousness. A transparent indigo blue in color, you can chant eem in tone A for this one.
*Crown Chakra* Located atop the head, (pineal gland) is the seventh chakra. It’s known as the thousand-petaled lotus and corresponds with astral projection and enlightenment. Violet or white are both regarded as the color of the chakra.

Basic wiccan rituals, grounding sheilding,centering, visualization,meditation.
Spells= charms are best done when you have charged your energy and best on a full moon. Also you can also increase your
Power by unlocking your third eye, using a spell based in your element, and using your spirtual title in rituals,
Tools, your basics tools are your wand and your book of shadows, you dont really need a wand or candels but you can ise them to increase the visualisation and power.
Spell casting tips= good tips are:
You have to believe the spell will work
You didnt practice the fundamentals enough
You didnt put effort into the spell
Or the bout was too unrealistic.

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