Transform into a hyena at will


This spell probably DOES work. You’ll have the ability to shapeshift into a hyena. This works for all shapeshifters, even bat-vampires and werebeasts. Most werebeasts cannot shapeshift into other types. But this spell will not turn you into a hyena if you’re not in human form when you perform the spell, and you can’t change into a hyena in a form other than human. When you are in hyena form if you are a werebeast, when you transform into a werebeast you will return to your human form, then transform. This applies to additional transformations for other shapeshifters. The sole werebeast this does not work on is adlets.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Imagination Belief Voice Night before a particular occasion, or a day that’s important (Hallowe’en is perfect) Hyena toy(s), soft, plastic or both, or a picture (optional to have a toy, choose between toys or a picture, not toys and a picture) Love of hyenas or any liking towards them Knowledge on hyenas Animal/pet that looks like a hyena, such as a hyena-coloured furry friend, or a pet that looks somewhat like a hyena (optional) Night time No humans, werebeasts, vampires, therians, shapeshifters or anything like that with the brain of a human in the room with you Window.

Casting Directions for ‘Transform to a hyena at will’

1. In case you have a plastic toy, set it in front of you. In case you have a soft one, put it on your lap or under your arm. Do both if you have both. But in case you’ve got a picture, place it in front of you.
2. If you have an animal that looks like a hyena (in my case, my kitty is a dark brown with a lighter brown for neck fur, and has striped legs. This is just like a brown hyena.) , simply just have it in the room with you.
3. Now the upcoming day. Think about it. Get excited more that you are.
4. Look from your window. Research the night. Think of the approaching day once more.
5. Now think of hyenas. The truth you know on them. Their poor portrayal, the fact 80 percent of what lions eat is killed by hyenas. The 4 species of hyena.
6. Think of your hyena form. What hyena do you want to become? The spotted hyena? The striped hyena? The aardwolf? Or the brown hyena?
7. Imagine you in your hyena form, running free. Imagine a place you re close to and know, like a neighborhood park, but at nighttime. imagine hard.
8. Consider hyenas and say this spell once:
“Hyenas. Hyenas are free. Are they? I’ll be free.
In my hyena form I’ll be free, on this night that spell,
This spell shall bring on my internal hyena.
I will be a (say spotted hyena, striped hyena, brown hyena or aardwolf)
A(n) (the hyena you picked),
And I shall fly with the liberty.
Hyena Flight. Hyena Flight.
This is my will, mote it be.”
9. Details:
This spell should work the next night, on the night of the event day. To test if it has worked, say this once:
“For the first time, Hyena Flight comes.”
This ought to transform you into a hyena. If it doesn’t, give it time. It’ll work before sunrise of the day after the event day.
After it has worked, to change into a hyena, tap the ground 4 times with your right paw, and think this once:
“My form shall come. No longer does the hyena fly.”
And to change into a hyena after the initial transformation, state another one to the first, but this is the one to use. Say this once:
“Hyena Flight, come. Run free. Fly.”
10. So yeah.

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