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This isn’t a spell, it is a tip page in an attempt to stop another round of morons trying to summon themselves a demon.

You will need the following items for this spell:


Casting Instructions for ‘Summoning Tips’

Demon/Spirit summoning tips:

1) NEVER attempt to force an entity to do your bidding, unless you have a death wish.

2) It isn’t possible to turn into a demon through a spell, regardless of what anybody on this website says.

3) If a thing does not appear the first time you try to summon it, assume it doesn’t want to be messed with and wait 2 months before attempting to summon him.

4) Do not say stupid things, by way of instance, “I command you,” “I’m now your master,” etc.. Always be respectful and considerate, f.e., “My lord,” “My lady,” “Dearest ______” If you are summoning the spirit of someone you knew personally if the were alive, it is fine to use nick names so long as they aren’t offensive.

5) Do your homework! You can not just summon a demon. Look up and memorize a few demons and think about the best way to receive their attention. (Particular demons might prefer stones, food, precious metals, etc..)


7) Do not use your own blood if you are doing a blood ritual. Animal blood works just too.

8) Make sure the area you are going to use to summon a thing is free of religious articles.

9) There is no such thing as summoning a so-called ‘Dark Angel.’ This is a standard name for a demon.

10) It isn’t feasible to have a spirit guide, teacher, soulmate, etc that is a demon.

That is about it. Email me if you have any questions.

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  1. okay sooooooooooo, i tried to summon lucifer before i read this, also i do use my blood for rituals, does that mean it wont work? (i do not have animal blood)


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