Summoning the dragon Malice The Lifegiver


This spell is to summon the powerful dragon Malice The Lifegiver. Malice is a dragon of pure heart and soul with the main element of light and sub element of water. His heart beats for the security and kindness of others and is willing to help anyone in need of advice or dire help. ONLY SUMMON HIM FOR REAL EMERGENSIES AND WHEN YOU TRUELY NEED GUIDENCE!!!!!!!!

You will need the following items for this spell:

all of the stared ingredients are vital to the ritual*** 3 candles, on water blue, one silver, and one lightning yellow. (white works too if you don’t have silver) a bowl of water an offering to Malice (any type of food functions)** 3 drops of your blood** 3 tablespoons of sea salt 3 tbsp of sugar Confidence** it has to be after 11 pm at night

Casting Directions for ‘Summoning the dragon Malice The Lifegiver’

– Make a triangle with the candles. Put the blue candle at the upper corner of the triangle, set the yellow candle in the bottom left cornor of the triangle, and put the silver (or white) candle at the bottom right corner of the triangle. (make sure the triangle is large enough to hold your offering and all of the components)

– light the candles and sit in the center of the triangle together with the ingredients and offering.

– insert the 3 drops of your own blood into the bowl of water

– add the 3 tablespoons of sugar to the bowl

– add the 3 tablespoons of sea salt into the bowl

– with the hand you did not extract your blood from, stir the contents in the bowl together with this hand and fingers and think of what your summoning Malice for.

– after stirring the content of the bowl recite this spell: “Malice The Lifegiver, I call upon thee to your great wisdom. Please answer my call and accept my offering in return for your great wisdom to help me in my hour of need. I need your wisdom to help me with (reason you need his advice or assistance). Please answer my call and give me the knowledge/help of which I seek.”

– after reciting the incantation, rub the potion on your arms and forehead.

– focus on his pure energy and then put out the candles with the potion.

– once the candles are out, clean up the ritual area and leave the offering to malice outside or near a location he can reach it. Proceed to sleep and check on the offering next day, if it is gone then he’s approved your request and took the offering. If you asked him for knowledge, then you will receive his wisdom in your dreams next day.

Good luck with the charm fellow spellcasters

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