Ritual of the overseer dragon


*THIS RITUAL IS AN ILLEGAL ACT IN ALL SECTIONS OF THE MILKEY WAY* This ritual lets you draw electricity from the Overseer, who is the person who controls the universe. The spell is typically used if the last overseer’s heir can’t, for any reason, be the overseer, so it is given to the next trusted member of the royalty under CAREFULLY WATCHED CIRCUMSTANCES. If you are not heir to the Overseer, the power may override your system

You will need the following items for this spell:

Your wit. This might actually kill you -dragon blood -palms -a general understanding of dragons -a mirror (optional. Only for checking if you’re doing things right) -a wide space (theres an explosion that occurs)

Casting Instructions for ‘Replacement ritual of the overseer dragon’

Dip your middle finger and index finger on both hands into the dragon blood, which will formally begin the ritual. Cross both pairs of fingers above your head, then circle them around you. Once 45 degrees to your position legs, spread out your hands. If effective, a large golden ring with small spokes should pulse from behind you (the mirror will come in handy here).

The gold ring should maintain behind you. Bring your palms together to a clap, then rotate your arms in opposite directions until you’ve got them completely spread out horizontally. Then, move your arms counterclockwise to a vertical stance, and then bring them together in front of you, clapping

Now here is the tricky part. If you gotten so far, you should now be taking in power. Keep your hands clasped together for as long as possible. After about thirty minutes, the ring should dissapear. If you can seperate your hands without blowing up, you did it!

Some side effects include:
Extreme nausea
Sight Issues
And transformation into a multitude of things (If You’re a human trying this out, you will almost cirtainly transform into a dragon)

Also, the drawing of the power might result in an overload to your system, which could cause you to become magical space dust in a fraction of a second. Be careful

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