Dragon Transformation Spell by Paraselene


This spell is recommended by me, I did it and it worked. You wont become immortal, but you wouldnt want that since the world’s gont end and you will be stuck in it…

You will need the following items for this spell:

Night Time Alone 1 Piece of paper 1 pen

Casting Instructions for ‘Dragon Transformation Spell by Paraselene’

Be Sure You are alone

Draw what you would like to look like as a dragon. (Or print one out of your OC – Original Character, if you have one)

Then fold the paper hamburger style

Write all of the information about your dragon self, such as height, gender, powers, scale color, eye color, strength level, element, etc..

Fold it once more, hamburger style.

Draw on a pentagram. (If you are unfamiliar, it’s essentially a start with a circle surrounding it, linking all of the star’s points)

Spell: Say 3x
Oh great and powerful monster become a part of me I can go in and out of you.

Now every night for 3 nights you want to repeat the spell before you go to sleep. After you’re done chanting, put the paper under your pillow and you need to have a lucid dream about you being your own dragon. If not, a regular dream. If you do not have a dream in any way, you may day dream being your own dragon.

As soon as you are done completing the spell, all you have to say is “Dragons rule the sky” to transform.
To turn back, claw the floor 3-5x and roar as loud as you can.

Optional: (What I did)
I had three white candles that I lit and put them in a triangular position with the newspaper folded with the pentagram on it in the middle. I then whispered “So mote it be” ten times, I then prayed and meditated.

There are no side effects, but occasionally there are and these are typical:
Head aches
Body aches
Hearing and vision improved.

Hopefully the spell works for you, and let me know if you have a question about the spell.


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