Become a Faerie


This will make you be able to turn into a faerie with the aid of a piece of jewelry. When wearing the enchanted jewelry and saying your preferred words, you will become a faerie, and if you say them, you’ll turn back to your human self. Note: Faeries are about a centimeter tall.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A piece of jewelry that has either been touched by a fairy or is a colour that represents you as a fairy Water A plate Three gemstones- one being the colour that represents you as a faerie, another the colour of your magic, and another, the color of your wings Dirt Any shimmery powder Leaves A rock that has been touched by a faerie or is the color of your magic A paintbrush

Casting Instructions for ‘Become a Faerie’

Take the water and pour it on the plate so it is very shallow, but still a great a mount of water. Place your three diamonds at a triangle on the plate, with your gems under the triangle. Sprinkle your dirt and your shimmery powder into the potion. Then add your leaves into the water. Do not mix!

Then, put your hand at the plate of water, close your eyes, and imagine in detail what you would look like as a faerie and your magic words that turn you to and from a faerie form. Then describe what you thought out loud. Now, say and think the words, I want to be a faerie very strongly. Focus! Then take the paintbrush and brush the lights youve made from this piece of jewelry. Be sure you touch your brush to the gemstones.

After your jewelry has been coated in potion, set it out to dry in the sun. Do it dry off! When it has dried completely, place it on. You will probably start tingling. The tingling will either start in the top of your head or the tip of your toes. Once it reaches the top or bottom of your body, you can say your magic words to become a fairy. It takes a while. To cancel your transformation say, cancel.

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