Summon and be in Touch with your Spirit Animal


Your spirit animal is you in spirit form. It represents your personality and personality traits. A spirit animal can be shared by lots of people. This will demonstrate how you can come in contact with it, and be spiritually clean and active.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 Glass plate or bowl 1 Some salt (depending on how big bowl/plate is.It should cover the bottom with a thin coating) 1 REAL small silver charm/jewelry 2 candles two small mirrors 1 cup of water

Casting Directions for ‘Summon and be in Touch with your Spirit Animal’

Step 1: Know your spirit animal. You can take a quiz or look it up, but usually what you feel in your gut is the most accurate. If you do n’t know, here is a fantastic quiz.

Step 2: Know about it. Research the animal for a little bit, maybe 5 minutes.

Step 3: Light the two candles.

Step 4: Take the bowl or plate and fill it with a thin layer of salt. Put the two candles on either side of the bowl or plate, on it’s left and right.

Step 5: Make a hole in the middle of the salt about 3 cm. wide and tall. Make 7 even beams in the salt coming out from the circle.

Step 6: Pour the water from the circle, and then watch it flow into the rays. Pour until they are full, but do not overflow.

Step 7: Take the charm or jewelry and put it in the center of the ring, which should be filled with water.

Step 8: Place the mirrors next to the candles, so they are closer to the bowl/plate compared to candles. They ought to reflect the image of the jewelry or charm.

Step 9: Say:

Myself is yet failing me
Make it not so, ________ (say your spirit animal)
Show me the right path
Light the way to a better self

Step 10: After saying that, blow out the candles one by one from right to left. The mirror on the right is yourself, and the one on the left is the animal.

Measure 11: Ask the question or simply talk in the mirror on the left to communicate with the creature. If it responds, it is going to show you from the ideal mirror. Do not be pushy. Or else.

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  1. I am trying to find my spirit animal and ask it questions but don’t know how to do it super easily or do the ritual and need help.Also how do you get the spirit animal to allow me to shapeshift into them?


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