How to Get in Touch with Your Spirit Animal


Your spirit animal is the form you take from the spirit world. It represents and depends upon your nature and personality traits, and may be reached. Contacting and growing closer to your animal will result in a healthier and better mental condition.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 glass plate Salt (depending on how big plate is, should fill it with a thin layer.) 2 white candles 1 silver charm or jewelry 2 small mirrors 1 cup of water

Casting Directions for ‘How to Speak to your Spirit Animal’

Learn what your soul animal is. You may take a quiz, but usually what you feel in your gut is the best one. Know your animal. Research it. Find out a bit about its lifestyle.

Place the plate in front of you. Sprinkle salt until there’s a thin layer of it in the plate. Put the mirrors on the right and left the plate. They should be facing each other. Light the candles and place them on either side of the plate, but out of the mirrors. Each mirror needs to have a candle behind it.
Make a hole at the center of the plate of salt with your finger. It should be approximately 3 cm. in all directions. Make 8 beams coming out from the circle, making a kind of sun pattern. Pour the water. Watch it go through the beams like a stream. Don’t overflow or underfill. Place silver charm/jewelry in the center of the circle. It should be in water.
Myself is at war with me,
My spirit is not clean
Help me by my side, great (state the animal name)
Make me at peace once again.
Blow out candles. Blow out the left one first. To communicate with it, Speak on the left into the mirror. It will respond (if it wishes) through the right mirror. Dont be pushy or imply.

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