Magick Mirror Of Spirit Summoning


Do this simple ritual once a week (preferably on Saturday night) until Samhain.

On befriending them just work. And don’t give your requests…

You will need the following items for this spell:

A private room An altar Frankincense 1 silver or white candle Music (optional) Mirror Dark lace or lace

Casting Directions for ‘Magick Mirror Of Spirit Summoning’

Magick Mirror Of Spirit Summoning

STEP 1: Prepare a dimly lighted room in the day. Put on a number of your favorite “mysterious” music. Set.

STEP 2: Light a white or silver candle on your altar.

STEP 3: Say, “I sit here before the spirits with intent to make contact. I humbly request angelic blessings from the beyojnd.”

STEP 4: Sit, relax, and burn Frankincense… extend and invitation with your thoughts to the spirits outside.

STEP 5: Run a little mirror through the smoke.

STEP 6: Gaze into the mirror from the light of the candle. Pretend it’s not “you” in the mirror, but somebody else.

STEP 7: Next, look “past” yourself. As if your reflection isn’t there at all… look “beyond” the reflection. This may take a minute or 2 to accomplish.

STEP 8. Stay relaxed… if you are stressed this won’t work.

Only work for as long as you are feeling refreshed and relaxed. Several attempts may be necessary before you actually see hints of a spirit looking back at you in the mirror.

STEP 9: You will see a new face, and you may see your guardian angel or other spirit behind your own image. You may see lights… Remember the experience will always be different, and it’s very personal.

STEP 10: Try to communicate with your thoughts (and some basic words) with the existence in your mirror.

STEP 11: When you’re done, wrap the mirror in dark silk or velvet and book it for this particular ritual alone.


Blessed be

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