Connect With Someone Over A Distance


To establish a connection with a person over a distance. This spell allows the witch to erect a connection with another via signs and “coincidental” phenomena as kind of communication over a distance.

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 Blue candle 1 Silver candle “Come To Me” incense “Spirit” oil Matches/lighter

Casting Directions for ‘Connect With Someone Over A Distance’

Light the Silver candle and visualize the vibrant color of the candle molding to a bridge, bridging only the difference of communication between you and another individual.

Light the Blue candle and picture the vibrant color of this candle molding and blending into the Silver bridge produced by the Silver candles colour, strengthening that bridged gap of communication between you and another individual.

Burn the Come To Me incense and as the smoke whirls up and around, envision the smoke traveling down the Blue and Silver bridge of communication to get to the other individual in their Throat Chakra (located directly in the neck).

Anoint each candle, starting with the Silver candle, with the Spirit acrylic and talk this chant aloud:

With these words I speak to thee
Bridge the gap tween you and me
Communicatively speaking
Signs and happenstances be our words
Via Poseidons Athenas birds, or waves
Travel swiftly, Don’t be late
Now we shall communicate

Blow the candles out in any order, and let the incense burn out.

You should start to sense the existence of the connection between you and the other person more and more regular after casting this spell.

** To convey, sit down and really try to feel him or her there with you; ask him or her questions. If they are trivial questions, such as those that take a simple YES or NO, then the answer may come much simpler and faster. But if large and significant, dont expect the answer to come until it is the ideal time and/or place.

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