Conjuring the archangel Azrael


This spell is to conjure the archangel of death, Azrael. This is not a death spell, this spell is to just communicate with Azrael on a personal level. Azrael is a kind and gentle soul, despite his reputation.

You will need the following items for this spell:

A place to write Azrael’s sigil (a large circle, two dots within the large circle, a smaller circle within the big circle, then a smaller circle inside that circle with two dots over the smallest circle, and two opposite parentheses virtually touching the outer dots into the inner dots) Solomon’s triangle ( or “triangle of art”) An floral incense as an offering the spell works best on a Tuesday in early morning or late night, but is not required Bloodstone, Black onyx or crimson x2 Death tarot card (optional)

Casting Directions for ‘Conjuring the archangel Azrael’

Step 1: Cleanse you all’re tools, such as yourself and the stones.

Step 2: Meditate for at least five minutes (it helps me to vibrate YHVH or IHVH)

Step 3: Draw The triangle of art as big as possible. (with the next four archangel’s sigil in a circle round the triangle: Micheal, Raphael, Gabriel, and Camael.

Step 4: Draw Azrael’s sigil inside the circle of the triangle of art.

Step 5: put the stone you have chosen from the possibilities above (or if you discover something which works better use that)and place it inside the circle.

Step 6: place another gems(s) in you are palms and shut them tight.

Step 7: Repeat Azrael’s prayer until you feel a atmospheric change (you can change depending on you’re religious beliefs)

“Azrael, I thank the Gods for making you a loving companion for perishing mortals and their grieving family members. When my lifetime on Earth ends, please help me make the transition from Earth to the afterlife without anxiety. When someone I love dies, comfort me while I grieve and help me heal. With this prayer, If it be you’re will, I conjure you to this circle, please. Blessed be.”

Step 8: Now it’s up to you how you interact with Azrael: You may will see Azrael on your mind’s eye, you may hear his calm voice, you might feel his slightly dark, yet tender and kind energies, or you could experience all the above.

Very good luck and blessed be.

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