The Calling of Apollyon/Abaddon


This is a cursing Rite.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Candles ought to be the colour according to the rite and nature of the God Frankincense used throughout ancient Greek and Seleucid Empire traditionally,it was the basis of worship and aromatic offering. Myrrh was also used religiously and even cinnamon,depending upon your personal preference. Focus is the most crucial in this Rite and Goal. You shouldn’t make your mind wonder around have a picture of Apolloyon if you may.

Casting Instructions for ‘The Calling of Apollyon/Abaddon’

Discord and unturned chaos turn,
Thou beautiful one adorned in the serpent consumed skin,
Who by slaying controlling the essence therein I call thee forth.Angel of the Bottomless Pit,
Never deformed yet terrible in appearance Armed with arrows dread;much striking,
Bakkhion,twofold and divine,power far diffused,and course oblique is thine.
In one hand stands on the Golden Sword of Vengeance
In the other the Silver-Bow of death and plague.
Open the pit and send forth pestilence,let thy locusts consume

I curse thee….in the name of Apollyon….place thy mask of darkness
Upon thy lovely face….become the jagged angel of pestilence
. . .name…I chased your Eyes,may fog with shadows of your failure and regret,. . .name…I chased your mind that it may be tormented by the locusts-daimons of the underworld,….name…I curse your limbs that they may ache with old age yet so ancient,. . .name…I send forth Apollyons arrow to your own heart to make it a home for worms and decay,. . .name…I provide you and sacrifice you in the name of
Apollyon,that you may go forth to the bottomless pit in darkness.

Burn or stab the picture repeatedly.Make offering to Apollyon Far Striker.The offering should be buried in the ground.Always give thanks the gods.
This comes from LEs real site, and should be performed during a waning moon, was given to us by Brad.

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