Stop a Lie


It’s a hoodoo spell that is used to quiet somebody telling lies.

You may need the following items for this spell:

Name of person
Feather or a stick
Dragon’s blood resin
Black nightshade berries
Blue coloring
Powdered cloves
Powdered cinnamon
Gum arabic
Coffee grounds
Black candle
Powdered aloe
Powdered asafetida
Powdered chili
Four thieves vinegar
A bottle
A cauldron
A bowl

Casting Instructions for ‘Stop a Lie’

Therefore, to graveyard are used for binding, especially things and graveyards belong in hoodoo customs. So go to a cemetery in midnight. If you want to, cast a circle and light the candle. Pour a little bit vinegar to cauldron and heat it up with flame until it boils, then place dragon’s blood resin, blue coloring, cloves, cinnamon and coffee into it and mix it well. After all ingredients blended squeeze nightshade berries to obtain it’s juice, be careful it’s poisonous. Pour juice and gum arabic to the cauldron and mix till all gum arabic dissolves.

After that let the mixture. Use feather when it cooled down and write the name of the person 3 times on a paper. Bottle the remainder of the mix if you would like to use it in your other workings. Burn the paper with fire of the candle and while it is burning, throw it in the bowl and wait until it stops burning. After it ceased burning add chili, aloe, asafetida and alum into ashes and mix it.

Pour mixture and four thieves vinegar in the jar and blend it. Following that, seal the jar with wax of the black candle and then wait till all candle burns down, you can use this time for focusing and digging a hole. After candle burnt down, shake the bottle vigorously and chant these words: “Let the wicked be ashamed, and let them be silent in the grave. Let the lying lips be put to silence; which speak grievous things against the righteous”. After you stopped chanting burry the spell bottle in the hole you dug and leave the graveyard without turning or looking back.

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