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How To Write a Spell or Ritual – The Basics

You will need the following items for this spell:


Casting Instructions for ‘Spell Writing’

State your need, determine what is the purpose of the spell. Consider this carefully you have to be VERY specific. Asking for protection could mean anything. You can’t leave anything to chance in spellmaking. You must cover all aspects, be sure of parts. Clearly state all measurements of your need (enduring love, instead of just love; complete coverage, as opposed to only physical protection; etc.).

Once you’ve the spell particulars determined clearly in your mind particularly its purpose it’s time to start building the charm together. Where your correspondences come in, this is. You’ll have to research items like candle colours, moon phases, herbs, and components while you decide what is right for the spell. You should also decide what materials you need if any. Go with your intuition and what feels right for you. Make notes about what you want the spell to consist of and what you would like to be the outcome.

Next we begin to write the ritual or spell. Don not expect the words to flow from you especially when first starting to Spellcraft. With everything it takes training to invent words and actions together. The more you practice the better you will get. Your mind will be aware of what you need so always go with instinct and heart, trust your inner self. If you’re using tools on your spell then attempt to mention them at the spell, infuse your words of power or magickal rhyme to the spell or ritual to strengthen it. At times it is these words that might help you to build the whole spell or rhyme. Also think of the actual words you use, match the words to the kind of spell you are composing, strong words for protection, milder words for healing or love. Throughout any spell or ritual chanting is used to boost power. Try to build a chant one that rhymes and repeat it a few times depending on how successful you want the spell to be. Also when writing be conscious of any actions like writing on some newspaper, what type of paper, candle light, burning anything etc.. You have to match the words to the actions of the ritual or spell.

To complete you have to read it through carefully and make any changes or additions. Check each stage of what you’ve written, anything you need to do to prepare, any actions at the conclusion must also be considered. When you have everything set up you will be readty to preform your spell or ritual.

Bear in mind that all this will be going into your Book Of Shadows. It is extremely important to keep a record of the entire spell or ritual, when it was done, what you did, did you feel anything.

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