Spell to Obtain a job


A spell to find employment when you’re without.

You will need the following items for this spell:

Your normal altar materials A blue candle Cedar incense Wand Amethyst, sapphire or lapis lazuli (optional) Olive leaves or shamrock (optional)

Casting Instructions for ‘Spell to Get a job’

This is the first of a series of spells that I am writing based on my post Thirteen Steps to a Great Spell. When you haven’t read it, that article is available here: http://www.spellsofmagic.com/coven_ritual.html?ritual=3455coven=497 .

To start with you will need to get some idea of the job you desire. Be specific about the job you would like to do, the money you would like to make, the hours you want to work, the rewards you will receive, etc.. Make certain it’s possible for you to have the job. Also, you should do a divination like a Tarot reading or astrological prediction to confirm that there are no factors working against you that you’re unaware of. Be certain that you are not focused on taking a job away from somebody else or to make someone else quit or be fired so that you could have their job. If you want it by a certain date, then make note of that.

Start doing the mundane work to get the job. Make sure that you have the required skills. If you don’t, acquire them. Write up a resume. Apply for the job. Make certain that you dress appropriately for the interview. These steps are just as critical as the spell itself.

Employment falls under the jurisdiction of either Sol or Jupiter. Sol is good for growth and increase. Jupiter is good for employment. If you’re unemployed and looking for a job, Jupiter will be better. For those who are employed and are trying to advance Sol would be more suitable. In this spell, we’ll assume that you’re searching for a job, and thus be working with Jupiter. The actual spellwork needs to be performed on the appropriate day and hour. Since you are using Jupiter the day is Thursday. If you can not do the spell on the proper day, the next best option is to do it any day, but during the suitable hour. If you’re not familiar with this there’s an article on it here: http://www.spellsofmagic.com/coven_ritual.html?ritual=3819coven=497 .

You do not have to involve others with this charm, since it’s a spell for your benefit. Unless, of course, you want to. You will be calling upon the forces of Jupiter, so you might want to call upon a deity associated with Jupiter, such as Zeus, Thor, Amon, El or Brama. If you are knowledgeable about kabbalistic correspondences, you could call upon the soul or the archangels and angels of Jupiter.

You would want to be doing this in a temple or circle that is properly opened since you’ll be calling on the planetary forces. You should collect a blue candle (blue being the colour associated with Jupiter) and cedar incense at a minimum. You may also want an amethyst, sapphire or lapis lazuli stone. Olive leaves or shamrocks are also associated with Jupiter. You can also draw the planetary symbol for Jupiter on paper in blue with an orange background. You might also do some research on the deity(s) that you’re working with to find out what is sacred to them and put it on your altar as well.

Now comes the time to compose your spell. So, you will do anything opening and closing to get a circle or a temple that you normally use. Then you’ll be invoking the energies of Jupiter by drawing on a Jupiter hexagram with your wand. Start in the top right point and draw the first triangle. Draw it in a clockwise motion. Then, draw the second triangle, also clockwise, starting from the bottom left corner. The two triangles should be drawn in blue, and afterwards draw the astrological symbol for Jupiter in the middle. After that, call out the deitys title you are going to be working with. Call it out four times (four is the amount of Jupiter). If you are calling on more than one deity call out each deitiys name four times.

Now, get a clear vision of the job that you want. Watch yourself at it. Imagine what it’ll sound like working there. Most of all, feel how it will feel to be working there. Make it as real as possible in your mind. After you can see it and feel it, call out Oh forces of Jupiter! I invoke ye! Be here this day (night) and aid this job to obtain employment by (date). (If you are calling upon a deity here, you may use the same phrase, replacing forces of Jupiter with the deitys name.) With the light and energy of this candle, and with this scent of cedar, I predict to you. Lend your energy to the intent of attaining employment by (date). (If you have a stone, plant or other institution on the altar, repeat this for every replacing light and energy of the candle with energy of this stone or whatever object you have.) As you call upon every deity, the world and every other correspondence, see the hexagram of Jupiter becoming brighter and brighter.

Now, when you’ve called energy up and the hexagram and planetary symbol shine with a bright blue, draw that energy to you and project it into your mental image of this new job. See and feel it being energized and empowered. Ultimately, project the energized image into the hexagram. See it float into it and to the universe to be made manifest. Once this is achieved, you might feel slightly drained, and the hexagram and planetary symbol will be dim in your minds eye. As soon as you do, ground yourself to let any excess energy that might be remaining to be removed. Thank all the deities you may have called upon, and the powers of Jupiter. Give them leave to depart. Bear in mind, you do not banish deities. Then, draw the hexagram for Jupiter again, starting from the same points for all the triangles but moving in a counterclockwise direction. This will banish the joys of Jupiter. Finally, close the circle or temple on your style.

Now that you have everything ready and know what you’re going to do, on the appropriate day and hour, do it! Once it’s done, do not speak about it before it comes into being. Allow the energy do its work, know that it’s happening, and it’ll manifest.

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