Solve a Money Problem Fast


This is a spell meant to help you when you need a sum of money Urgently and you need it as quickly as possible

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 black candle ( taper or chime ) A candle holder Heliotrope oil Dragon’s blood incense A pin

Casting Instructions for ‘Solve a Cash Problem Fast’

Light the Dragons Blood incense and set the censer in your altar. Using the pin inscribe the black candle with these words: money and prosperity or you may use different words that bring money ( you can also use the Theban Alphabet to inscribe the words on the candle if you want … it works better ). While doing this concentrate on what you would like to achieve with this spell … put your goal in it .

Once the candle is inscribed take the heliotrope oil and anoint the candle by rubbing the oil on it and while doing so think again in the problem you have and imagine your energy going into the candle. Now place the candle on a holder on your own sanity and get on your knees and invoke the Goddess to come to your aid by saying: ( you can cast your circle for security if you need)
Maiden, Mother, Crone
Gaining, waxing, waining,
Crescent, Dark and Full
Sacred Dance, Sacred Chants ,
Journey and Dream,
cast down your love
upon my sacred time
I call to you growing, growing
Gainning, waxing, understanding

When you have completed concentrate and talk the following:
Goddess Im desperate.
Hear my plea !
Humbly and Hopefully
I ask of thee
To solve my money problems
And to help me !
Please send me what I want

After this ask the Goddess in your own words what exactly you need money for and begg her to help you .To make sure that there are no side effects for this spell say:
By The Power of 3 times Three
In no way shall this spell backfire for me
Or have another effect than what I want it to be !
This is my will so mote it be !
Hold the burning candle in your hands for another moment and after that put it onto a holder on your altar . Thank the Goddess with this formula:
Blessed Be my Good Goddess
The ritual is done, the magick has been cast
Within my heart you stay
Abundant of energy that you sustain
Depart with love,
Merry meet, merry part, merry meet again !
So mote it be !
Allow the candle burn for a couple of moments and then extinguish it with your hands or a candle snuffer but DONT BLOW ON IT because that would be awful.

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