Green Candle Money


Spell to increase wealth

You will need the following items for this spell:

1 green candle 6 coins (gold, silver or aluminum) A green cloth or pouch (or golden fabric will do!) A cinnamon

Casting Instructions for ‘Green Candle Money’

Prepare your alter. Make certain to cleanse and prepare yourself emotionally. Perhaps spend a few moments meditating on what you need to manifest. Charge you candle. It’s vital for this green candle cash spell to work that you really want it to. Place the six coins in a full circle around the money spell. As you place the coins around the candles really expect the money as if it is already there and you are so grateful for it. As you light the candle prepare yourself for the spell mentally. When the candle is lit say the following chant three times:
Money does flow
Money will grow
My Money does shine
This Cash is mine
Lay out your fabric or pouch. Sprinkle your fabric or pouch with the cinnamon. While picking up each coin say this following chant three times:
Bring me cash 3 x 3
As I will it, so mote it be
You can keep the pouch with you for a while or use it as a currency charm. I take the pouch on my person for some time and imagine receiving the money. Sometimes I will do cash manifestations in the morning after I wake up and at night while I drift to sleep. (I just go with the wu-wei, sometimes I dont have to put the excess effort in) This green candle money spell is really one of my favorites. I think you will find some really success with this charm.

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