Gift of Abundance Spell


A spell to bring abundance

You will need the following items for this spell:

Lavender Incense Cut flowers Bread, rolls, buns Dinner plate Milk Chalice Gold or green candle

Casting Directions for ‘Gift of Abundance Spell’

Set up your altar as you see fit. Put on the altar the plate also. Invoke the gods of prosperity from your pantheon. Never invoke divinities not of your faith or those you don’t know about.

Speak forth your initial prayers and give forth your offerings.

Now put the bread on the platter/plate. As you do state the following:

“Bread of life, gift of the earth,
Infused in you is the abundance of life.”

Now slowly place the flowers on the dish, as few at a time. As the following is spoken by you:

“Beauty of the earth within the flowers here,
Showing us what prosperity truly is.”

Now pour the milk into a chalice next to the dish and say the following:

“Mothers milk, sustaining and nurturing,
Mainking us strong and filled.”

Take the candle now on your handle and start to control it with green light. As you do talk the following:

“Wax and wick jump into one,
I charge thee with the power to bring wealth.”

Place the candle down next to the dish and light it. Now hold your hand over the platter and start to control the whole, not only with abundant light but with light of happiness and say the following blessing:

“Loaf and flowers, seed and wheat,
Lend your gifts of abundance and happiness,
Let them grow from the seed from what they came.
Send relief to ______ for what they need,
Satisfy ______ so they’re happy again.”

Let the candle burn all the way and leave the dish set up on the altar as long as possible. When the blossoms are wilt, the milk sour and bread hard, bury the entire thing in a whole in the ground, knowing what has been done will bring prosperity to your friend/loved one.

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